Training to Become an Elite Day Trader is Now Available at Axia Futures

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Training to Become an Elite Day Trader is Now Available at Axia Futures

February 21
14:11 2020
Training to Become an Elite Day Trader is Now Available at Axia Futures

London, UK – Success in global stock markets and the world of trading futures requires much more than just financial capacity. It also requires the right trading strategies and developing an extensive knowledge of the global macro drivers that influence financial markets. For new traders who aim at building long-term careers, it is essential to rely on a community of expert traders and mentors who have the first-hand knowledge and experience required to survive and thrive in today’s complex market environment.

Who Is Axia Futures?

Axia Futures is a trading education firm built upon the idea of developing trader training methodologies that model the best practices and skill development techniques of a group of top performing futures day traders based at their London trading floor. Axia Futures is dedicated to training the next generation of elite traders and helping them to develop and perform the variety of key skills required for successfully trading financial markets. This includes utilising trading tools such as the price ladder, market profile and footprint chart, as well as fundamental analysis of geopolitical and central bank risk events.

Aware of the constant dynamism in stock markets and other asset classes, the expert traders at Axia Futures are directly involved in the development of training materials that are delivered by their trainers and mentors. Unlike competitors, none of Axia Futures’ top traders are educators but they constantly consult with their exceptionally experienced team of educators. This continuous feedback loop between training and performance ensures that their training is always dynamic and of world class quality.

Trader Training & Trading Courses

Axia Futures offers a variety of training options and trading courses. For those wanting to accelerate their skills development and give their trading career the best opportunity of success, the Axia Futures flagship 8-week Career Program is the best option. Alternatively, for those who are unable to commit the time required to attend the in-house program, there are online courses available to complete at one’s pace, each with its own free module to trial. All of Axia Futures’ training focuses on skills development and learning how to cultivate one’s own edge based on modelling the best practices and techniques from their group of successful traders.

“The trading development is not learned through general learning prototypes (such as classroom and study), but through very specific observation and modelling. This unique approach ensures that our trainee traders are fully immersed in the most cutting-edge and relevant training regarding strategies, as well as developmental techniques that keep them at the peak of their performance,” said the spokesperson for Axia Futures, regarding the design of their trading courses.

Axia Futures’s training team are not only dedicated to teaching theories but also to helping each of their students put their knowledge into practice. Younger graduates and junior traders regularly engage in mentored sessions with senior and top traders to make sure the knowledge, experience and best practices are shared.

What Will You Learn?

Trading courses at Axia Futures cover three main areas: Order flow auctioning dynamics, technical idea generation based on market structure and volume profiles, and trading geopolitical and central bank risk events. Strategies within each of these core areas are taught, but more importantly, trainees are taught how to adapt their approach and develop their own unique strategies in these ever changing market environments.

AXIA’s development protocol is designed to accelerate each graduate trader’s rate of acquiring market knowledge, skills and strategy development, pattern recognition, trading psychology, self-awareness and teaches the daily routines and habits performed by their most successful traders.

Start Your Trading Career

The Axia Futures in-house program has four in-takes per year and only accepts eight students per intake. These are kept small so that every student’s development can be leveraged in a concentrated deep learning environment. Further, 2-4 sponsored places are offered to young traders every year. These places are generally offered with a full sponsorship on the career program after the 2nd level interview stage. 

Axia Futures does not fund nor is legally allowed to fund traders but they do provide the facility to pass on potential talent from the 8 week in-house career training program for recommendation to FCT Group of Companies, their proprietary trading partner and clearing firm. From there, depending on availability on the trading floor, those traders who show potential, work ethic and trading acumen could be offered an opportunity for financial funding. While only traders who participate in the 8-week in-house training are eligible, there is no guarantee that completion of the program will earn you backing (but there is a better chance).

Next Steps

What makes Axia Futures’ education truly unique in the industry is the fact that their learning framework is built upon the success of their most profitable traders who have had big careers and achieved consistent profitability in the futures markets space. Axia Futures also has a very active YouTube channel with a lot of free learning materials. For example, their AXIA Elite Trader video series features trainers analysing screen recordings of live trade executions and strategies of one of the industry’s biggest traders. 

“Our Vision is to be trailblazers in the space of trader skills development and world leaders in cultivating and unearthing the next wave of superstar traders. We will create a global community of formidable traders that are relentlessly determined in extracting the most money in the financial markets,” added the spokesperson for Axia Futures, regarding their vision.

Axia Futures is headquartered at 4 Endsleigh Street, London, WC1H 0DS, UK. For day trading courses from AXIA, contact their team via phone at +44 20 3880 8500 or send online enquiries via email to [email protected] For additional information regarding their courses, visit their website. 

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