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The first nuclear fusion mode in the chain circle officially launched

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The first nuclear fusion mode in the chain circle officially launched

February 29
02:03 2020
The first nuclear fusion mode in the chain circle officially launched

BTR, the first fusion mode in the chain circle, will be officially launched on February 19. BTR uses the fusion of BTC and BTR to get BitSilver. The initial functions of BTR are: The fusion deal, Silver voucher network, Competition system, Information network wide broadcast (bad), Secret chat, Anonymous transactions, Smart contracts, Distributed OTC transactions, Super Master, and lucky draw function and unique smart contract design chain business contract. All these functions cooperate, circulate and balance with each other, which makes the internal structure of BTR form a strong foundation in the early stage. In its internal financial balance, community promotion, business docking, value precipitation and network expansion, will subvert the traditional centralized business model. 

In the near future, BTR will become a private Internet for use all over the world. It can support the development of independent web browser, in which each independent Sid address can be used as a separate anonymous IP address with privacy. In such an open privacy network, users can migrate all applications contained in the centralized Internet. With the joint efforts of organizations and communities, we will create and realize a new, decentralized and free Internet Ecology.

The influence of BTR is not a new cryptocurrency, nor a new blockchain product. What it brings is a completely decentralized financial network. It’s a real, disruptive business practice. It’s an immortal idea, an indestructible idea. It will lead people step by step to the door of freedom. Relying on unprecedented and extraordinary financial logic, it will become a truly decentralized global silver asset management platform, bringing real wealth freedom to the world.

In the future, BTR will not only build the basic platform, develop and commercialize various products, but also develop and iterate projects to gradually form the blockchain economy, so as to improve the industry efficiency and promote the efficient and coordinated development of society. BTR will work with users around the world to build a community organization of sharing, CO governance and security.

On the basis of the above, through both precise and rigorous product design, BTR skillfully embeds the initial functions into the cryptocurrency wallet application to run, achieving a friendly user experience, and forming a perfect decentralized financial and commercial ecology.

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