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Gear Sharing™ is providing a chance to the fitness professionals to create amazing outdoor experiences for their clients

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Gear Sharing™ is providing a chance to the fitness professionals to create amazing outdoor experiences for their clients

February 28
22:38 2020

As a fitness professional, one of the major challenges faced is to create a variety of workouts and experiences for the clients so they don’t get bored and show the same enthusiasm every time. Many fitness studious host outdoor workout sessions for their clients but the outdoor equipment can be quite expensive, in addition to the cumbersome process of carrying it around in the car to the outdoor location. To resolve all these issues, and take the fitness experiences to the next level Gear Sharing™ is created.

It is a project featuring patent-pending equipment that can easily fit in a box and placed in the trunk of your car. As a part of this project, a Pop-up network of Fitness enthusiasts will be created who will have access to over 25 locations in Colorado to provide amazing outdoor fitness experiences to their clients. Gear Sharing™ is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to spread more awareness and raise funding for the project implementation in Colorado, US.

Gear Sharing™ is founded by Reed Clanahan, who’s overcome a life-threatening illness that prevented him from exercising or even walking, to become a passionate fitness professional who’s worked for over a dozen years in the field. Understanding all the struggles faced by the fitness professionals and entrepreneurs, Reed decided to do something about it and created Gear Sharing™ that will not only help the fitness professionals expand their business outside of four walls but also help new players enter the fitness industry.

“I know how much of a struggle it can be for fitness providers to stay afloat. So many of us entered into this profession to help others reach their fullest potential, but often at our own expense”, says reed Clanahan.

Gear Sharing™ is working with real estate groups, co-working spaces, and everyday individuals to place them in public spaces and experience workout sessions using the most popular fitness gear seen in functional style fitness studios. It is empowering fitness professionals to expand their services beyond their studio or gym and take their clients into amazing outdoor environments like parks, mountains, forests, etc. to create beautiful experiences.

The best thing about this project is that it will help Fitness Professionals lower overhead costs and mitigate risk by not being reliant on a single lease. It will also help them in expanding their customer base by providing more exposure through the listings done on the Gear Sharing locations. Anyone interested in doing this can simply start by joining their Pop-Up Referral Network and getting their events calendar set up.

Gear Sharing™ aims to raise $25,000 in funding through the Indiegogo campaign to cover the cost of building the other half of the 25 locations in Colorado. The backers can get some amazing fitness gear, fitness apparel, and ‘Classpass Credits’ to access boutique fitness studios, up to 1 million workout classes and a customized fitness routine.

More information can be found at Gear Sharing’s Indiegogo campaign page.

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