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The super-assembled strategy for Nano biohybrids in Science reported by Prof. Biao Kong’s group at Fudan University

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The super-assembled strategy for Nano biohybrids in Science reported by Prof. Biao Kong’s group at Fudan University

March 03
18:06 2020

Recent advances in new material designs and processing technologies have revealed that it is possible to tailor the physicochemical properties of the functional materials coupled with the organic biological systems. Up until now, diversified nanomaterials have been integrated with various biological systems from simple biomolecules to complex multicellular organisms. These Nano biohybrids show enormous potential onto biotechnology, energy, and the environment industries, and show promising future in high-tech applications across many disciplines, including energy harvesting, biocatalysts, biosensing, medicine, and robotics.

New strategies for designing SAFs Nano biohybrids

Based on the design concept of super-assembled framework proposed by Prof. Kong Biao (SAF-1, Nature Chemistry, 2016, 8, 171) at the first time, combined with a series of previous research experience in developing super-assembled framework materials, researchers and author of this review primarily focused on constructing SAFs nanohybrids through endogenous (internal) bioaugmentation and exogenous (external) bioaugmentation creatively to efficiently enhance the properties of the biological component, which further explore the high tech intelligent application in biological systems. According to the investigation that the close relationship between the structure of functional SAFs and the function related to the binding of biological systems, we systematically proposed that employing super-assembled strategy to design nanobiointerface between functional nanomaterials and biological systems, contributing to build SAFs nanobiohybrid system and further promote the development of this field.

Literature linkNanobiohybrids: Materials approaches for bioaugmentation (Science Adv., 2020, 6: eaaz0330)

The materials strategy and applications for super-assembled bioaugmentation

Brief introduction of corresponding author:

Prof. Dr. Biao Kong is currently a Distinguished Professor at Fudan University, Shanghai, China. His scientific interests concentrate on rational design and fabrication of super-assembled frameworks (SAFs)-based soft hetero-interfaces and integrated devices for energy, catalysis and biological application. He has published nearly 90 high-quality academic papers in Nature Chemistry, Science Advances and other journals, presided over and participated in more than 10 national key research projects. Dr. Biao Kong focused on technical cooperation and research for specific social needs. Aiming at dealing with public health emergencies, Dr. Biao Kong launched the Fudan-Haier biomedical joint research center. In cooperation with Haier biomedical company, his group have developed key technologies and vaccination innovation platforms for vaccine storage and rapid biological detection in extreme environments, created intelligent biomedical and emergency management solutions based on the artificial intelligence and big data. The jointly researched Haier series products have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions.

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