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Column Report on DK Photonics: Consolidate Development of PM & HP Passive Components

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Column Report on DK Photonics: Consolidate Development of PM & HP Passive Components

March 04
00:12 2020

Hong Kong – Feb 03, 2020 – DK Photonics Technology Limited (to be named ‘DK Photonics’ hereinafter) is located in Shenzhen specialized in high power and polarization maintaining optical passive components. Recently, our Fiber Online editor paid a visit to them and had an interview with Mr. Jack Wei, vice president of DK Photonics, talking about the current market development of high power and PM components.

DK Photonics was established in 2012 and 5 years later, in order to upgrade business mode and invest more on Polarization Maintaining products, it moved to Qinghu, central of Longhua District in Shenzhen with a production area of 1,200 square meters. In 2019, the company harvests a revenue of more than 30 million RMB. Throughout our interview on spot, the company impressed the editor that it is full of energy, a young but vibrant enterprise with simple office environment but warm enough.

Of course, the main competitiveness for a manufacturer always lies on one topic: product. Covering wavelength from 1μm, 1.5μm, to 2μm, DK Photonics can produce those typical common components like Polarizer, PM Isolator, PM WDM, PM Circulator, Polarization beam combiner, PM Coupler and Pump & Signal, etc. And those customized with special specification is also available from them. Moreover, the company can also produce various kinds of high power products, like large fiber diameter pump and signal combiner, MFA, CPS, etc., based on the advantage the company achieves on process technique for large diameter fiber, which are applied in many area like fiber laser, fiber sensing, coherent communication, medical laser, laser LiDar, research institute and military. Currently, the product output and delivery amount each month for the company is steadily above 8,000 pcs. “We started our high power application business kind of late compared to some companies in this field, but after 7 years of development keep laying foundation for technology, step by step, we are on the right track now and have formed our advantage. Apart from PM and HP parts, more of our advantage is to provide customized products with different specification for different customers. The market volume is not so big, but the complete ecology is relatively friendlier, where we can move forward and develop steadily.” Jack supplemented when being asked about advantage compared to other companies in the field, “our biggest advantage is the high cost-performance ratio of our products, fast response rate to our customers requirement, providing the most suitable product solution, long term stocking for non-customized products, and fast delivery on the condition of securing product quality. Our streamline management system enables us cut unnecessary cost and thus reward to our customer with good price, for cost is one of the most important point for customers in the fiber laser field.”

To deploy and invest on Ultrafast laser market with the achieved advantage and confidence on the bright future for 450-850nm short wavelength market.

For the future, the company’s plan is to keep providing professional fiber products range from 400nm to 2000nm with customization-oriented leading the way, and will try to find more market space on below 3 sectors:

1. PM Products, and PM fiber solution is acting more role on ultrafast fiber laser, and for regular PM products to open more space from emerging market;

2. Driven by development of medical laser testing equipment, laser and it’s components is widely used more and more on medical equipment, especially those short wavelength laser products from OCT sector;

3. Special short wavelength components like 450nm, 532nm which is applied for under-water communication;

Personally, I knew Jack Wei since I ran into optical communication field in 2010. He accomplish a beautiful transit from communication optical components to polarization maintaining and high power passive components, step by step, accumulated lots of experience for this market and resource. Nowadays, DK Photonics is steadily developing in order, unswervingly moving forward with a clear vision. We can believe DK Photonics will, under the leading of its management team, keep exploiting and innovating to reach higher success in the future, serve more customers well in laser Lidar, ultrafast fiber laser, acoustic communication, and medical fields.

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