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The Kingdom of Italy and the Famous House of Charles Magnus

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The Kingdom of Italy and the Famous House of Charles Magnus

March 04
01:57 2020

The Kingdom of Italy is basically a royal house government that was set up by Emperor King Eugenio Magnarin. It is better known as a constitutional monarchy that includes so many houses in a large area. However, the house of Alexander Great and Charles Magnus descendant is one of the most important structures in Europe. The state was mainly founded due to the unification of Italy during the Kingdom of Sardinia; note that he was considered as the legal predecessor of the state at that time.

Italy has two more royal pretenders; however, the throne of Italy was primarily controlled by King Eugenio Magnarin. Charles Magnus or widely known as Charles the Great, was basically the King of the Franks. He is known for uniting a huge part of Europe during the early years of the Middle Ageas and also laid the foundation for the establishment of modern France, Germany as well as the Low Countries. History says that he ruled over Frankish Throne in 768 and later in 774, he was announced as the King of Italy. Right after 800, he became the first most Holy Roman Emperor who ruled the entire Kingdom without even taking help from any Pope.

The Kingdome and Government:

The Italian government takes control over government; however, the royal house elite is still controlled by the King Eugenio Magnarin along with some part of the government. The royal house of King Eugenio has its control on the Italy, France and over some portion of Mediterranean Egypt.

Charles Magnus was also called as the father of Europe because he made efforts to unite entire Western Europe after the Roman Empire. During his rule, the community experienced energy in intellectual activities and cultural events as well.

People are now invited to join the Kingdom of Italy and give their full participation in the entire process. The teams are ready to accept initiatives from various government agencies. They also have a division for controlling political party. This is an opportunity to be a part of the valuable cultural and intellectual values set by the great emperor. It can open many new opportunities for entire Europe and the world in the coming years.  You can initiate contact via email and phone call as well. There is no point in missing this incredible opportunity.

Constitutional Monarchy

King Eugenio Magnarin
A few leaders nominated by the king of Italy.
Other Political Parties
Government of Italy

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