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Individuals Decide if They Want a Burial or Cremation Service

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Individuals Decide if They Want a Burial or Cremation Service

March 04
02:09 2020
Individuals Decide if They Want a Burial or Cremation Service

The time will come when every individual will leave this world, so decisions should be made now to determine where the individual will end up. Choosing how to dispose of your remains is a personal decision that should not be left up to a family member who may not be in a suitable state to make decisions at the time of your demise. Tuell-McKee Funeral & Cremation Services is a provider that believes personal decisions such as one’s final resting place should be handled while the loved one is still alive and can make a rational decision. Most people will either opt for a traditional funeral service and burial or a cremation service, with the options to keep or scatter the ashes.

Deciding on a Traditional Funeral and Burial 

Traditional funerals and burials are usually going to be the most expensive, typically ranging from $7,000 to upwards of $15,000. In the traditional full-service burial, the deceased loved one will get a viewing, which in today’s times are done on the same day as the funeral, and a burial at a gravesite. This type of service can be very expensive, depending on the type of casket that is purchased and all of the variables that make up the funeral service. The most expensive burials are when the family uses a steel vault to house the casket or when they decide to use a mausoleum. As the “bells and whistles” of service are reduced, so are the total costs of the funeral.

Deciding on a Cremation Service 

The cremation service is less expensive than a traditional funeral and burial, and more people are opting to go with this choice. At, the funeral services describe exactly what is involved in choosing a cremation service. The individual can get a full-service cremation or a direct cremation, with the latter being the least expensive way to go. Cremated remains can be kept in an urn on the family mantle or wherever the family member desires, or they can be scattered wherever the deceased loved one desired them to be. If cost is the driving force behind the type of funeral service to have, direct cremation is going to be the best route for the family to go.

Final Thoughts about Funerals or Cremation 

A lot of families still have religious traditions that forbid cremating a body, and so they opt to go with a traditional funeral. Still, they can go with a direct burial for the traditional funeral option and reduce the total expense by having a simple graveside service. Tuell-McKee Funeral & Cremation Services have associates who will sit down with an individual or with family members to help them decide which plan will fit them and their budget. The funeral service has been around since 1926 in the Tacoma, Washington, area and has been providing assistance to families in the area for that length of time.

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