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XO Public Chain Launches Side Chain of Game, First Chain Game “Super Player” Launched During Epidemic Period

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XO Public Chain Launches Side Chain of Game, First Chain Game “Super Player” Launched During Epidemic Period

March 04
16:33 2020

The sudden outbreak of the new epidemic in 2020 has affected the whole world, causing people suffering and inconvenience in life, seriously affecting the world economy and bringing difficulties to many industries and enterprises. However, the boring residential life has unexpectedly increased the popularity of mobile phone games.  The online time of mobile games is second only to social games and short videos, and the highest number of daily active user and downloads are continuously updated. Take Tencent’s “Glory of Kings” mobile game as an example. Its average daily online time exceeded 3 hours, up 75% from last year’s Spring Festival. In 2019, the scale of China’s game industry has reached 230 billion yuan.  Experts predict that it will reach 600 billion yuan in the next five years. 

XOC Infrastructure of customized blockchain specially built for the gaming industry

In response to the booming game industry, XO public chain has already started to guide the global developer community to make a positive layout as early as 2019, and has introduced a side chain system “XOC” specially built for the game industry, and has drawn up a detailed development roadmap for XOC ecology. For this reason, the development team has been intensively developing and testing, and is committed to combining highly playable, visually stunning and well-made games with blockchain technology to bring new vitality to the traditional game market and better experience for players.

XOC network, as a side chain, inherits the technical characteristics of XO public chain. Using PoA cross consensus algorithm, the measured performance has reached 2500TPS, which can realize second-level transfer. With the help of lightning network, parallel chain matrix and sharding technology, it can even process million-level transactions per second. XOC chain stores and supports common formats such as JSON/Text/Hex.  The storage on the chain can reach 64M, and the maximum 2G of off-chain storage can be realized through distributed storage. The bottom performance of XOC network provides strong support for building customized blockchain infrastructure in the gaming industry.

XOC already supports smart contracts. It can not only carry out Turing’s complete programmable independent development, but also template general smart contracts. Currently, it has launched functions such as “creating digital assets with one click”. XOC is based on cross-chain technology of CCP(Cross-Chain Protocol) in XO public chain of main network, and communicates and trades with other blockchains.  At present, cross-link payment with bitcoin’s main network has been opened, BTC can enjoy a second-class payment experience in XOC ecology, and the miners’ fee is less than 1/1000 of the original.  In the future, cross-chain sharing of other public chains will be opened one after another.

In order to attract global developers to develop more game DApps based on XOC ecology, XOC network not only insists on open source code, but also provides a variety of optional consensus mechanisms, more than 50 blockchain customization parameters, and more than 200 API interfaces. Moreover, it has already launched an intelligent contract system comparable to Ethereum in December 2019. Game developers can build their own blockchain environment in three steps based on XOC network.

The first chain game “Super Player” goes online and XOC is favored by developers around the world

The XOC network’s efficient bottom performance and convenient development environment are favored by game developers around the world. It has attracted many technical teams to develop blockchain games based on XOC network, or to break the value closure of non blockchain games by using XOC network. At the beginning of 2020, the currently popular NFT(Non Fungible Tokens) model also emerged in the XOC ecosystem. NFT has unique characteristics, is especially suitable for the increasingly mature market of game assets and virtual collectibles, and the recognition of game players is also continuously improving.

With the development of blockchain foundation of games such as XOC, tokenization of game assets will become a trend. The combination of traditional game industry and blockchain technology will become inevitable. In the future, each player will have permanent and indelible certificate of game assets. The hard-fought equipment is no longer some codes on the server of the game company, but a digital asset that belongs to them completely, can be collected and can be freely traded. 

The unique de-centering feature of the blockchain can not only protect players’ game assets to a greater extent, but also write the rules of the game and even the game program into the blockchain so that it can never be tampered with.  In addition, the token economic model based on blockchain will bring higher economic value to the traditional game industry.

XOC ecology has attracted outstanding game designers and developers from all over the world, and has also received full support from many capital markets. XOC Ecology has a forward-looking layout for the game industry. Its only ecological token XOC is equivalent to a ticket to enjoy the high-speed growth bonus of the industry. Its future value-added potential and application prospect are immeasurable. A few days ago, the first chain game “Super Player” based on XOC network has completed the global open test and officially launched.  Its open tests and online feedback were very popular, attracting players from more than 20 countries.

“Super Player” has prominent advantages and leads the development of chain game market.

Advantage 1: Playing game is mining.

As an important part of XOC ecology, the “super player” can realize XOC mining by playing games, allowing participants to take the initiative in revenue. As the world’s leading new alliance chain, the core is data. All business sectors of XOC ecology are focused on data, and participants can mine as long as they contribute data.

Hold XOC and Enjoy Multiple Interests

1. Enjoy the bonus of rising income, widely used, increased number of players, and consumption of game equipment

2. XOC ecosystem circulation, investment and financing, marketing promotion, game development and other whole systems can be used universally.

3. SPT Incubates, value of player data appreciates

The forms of data are diverse: Enterprises participating in SPT chain change realize mining through enterprise data cochain, allowing industrial value to realize exchange on the chain; Spending in APP’s chain stores will contribute enough transaction data to realize the economic ecology that game consumption is mining. Actively participating in XOC ecological games, the deep development of players in the game is actually a mining process that contributes game data, and the points earned can be converted into XOC token.

Advantage 2: Rich and steady incomes

Different from the static, dynamic and current revenue models adopted by other chain games, “super player” have very stable revenue and are particularly rich in revenue sources:

Daily generation of fixed points revenue, the higher the player level, the higher the points revenue; Recommend new people will get bonus points, the more new people, the more players, the higher the income; Can apply for a game agent, the higher the agent level, the more revenue. New registration also gives 15 days of free experience and game gold coins to participate in the competition, fast redirect.

All players can exchange gold coins and points into XOC token through the game’s exchange function to convert the game assets into cash. With the help of game participation in blockchain construction, the “super player” game combines entertainment and investment, so that all players can enjoy the fun of the game and at the same time obtain rich income, so that entertainment and income can be balanced.

Advantage 3: On-line and off-line ecological closed-loop connectivity

As the token of value circulation in the whole ecology, all business sectors and ecological projects of XOC ecology are connected in series. As a mobile end-chain game, “super player” is an important component of XOC state system. Points generated by the game can be used for other games in the ecology, including Mahjong, Dou Dizhu, Fishing, etc. Points in all games can be used universally and contributions can be accumulated. As long as the contribution value reaches the specified standard, users can participate in the share-out bonus award of 1 billion yuan.

With the increase of users and the operation of players, the future version 2.0 will continue to open up more new games: Through star endorsement or upgrading the layout of the game, the income of players will be greatly increased. There is also a “competition with the strongest fighting power” among players, and those who win will get rich blockchain bonuses!

In addition, the “super player” also combines online and offline.  The offline entity and the ecological chain business board will integrate resources with the “super player” game. The bonus points earned by players in “super player” can be exchanged for XOC token. people can use XOC token to purchase in more than 10,000 offline physical stores signed by chain stores. Players in “Wanbei” can also obtain the credit limit of “play Bai” authorization through XOC token, purchase in advance in chain stores, and postpone repayment.

“Super Player” is the first blockchain game launched by XOC Ecology. In the future, the ecological chain game will continue to develop and more interesting and profitable chain game products will be launched, including galgame, strategy, war, competition and chess and card, further enriching the chain game market and providing the most satisfying game experience for game players with different tastes.

The combination of games and blockchains is the trend. Future game assets will become important digital assets for players in the new era. XOC Ecology will continue to cultivate the field of chain games deeply, give full play to its technical advantages, accumulate experience and popularity, and strive to occupy a favorable position in the chain game market.

With the hot launch of the first chain game “super player”, XOC ecology will surely lead the development of the chain game market with the help of the great development of games in 2020. Let’s jointly open the “super player” and witness the trend! 

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