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Atis’s Ecological Development Foundation Receives Mysterious Support

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Atis’s Ecological Development Foundation Receives Mysterious Support

March 04
17:39 2020

Atis positioned the decentralized next-generation infinite expansion of the cross-chain ecosystem. The earliest idea was a forum that was spread on the deep network and called the Fintech complex artwork.

Recently spread on the deep network, ATIS technical team received mysterious economic support. According to the pictures sent by Deep Web, on February 21, 20, there were about 3122 BTC transfers to the account of the ATIS technical team, and this transfer was about 30 million US dollars.

After consulting BTC’s payment address, the registration period is 2010, which means that the mysterious helper is the earliest Bitcoin user and holds a large amount of BTC. A core developer of anonymous coins said that this mysterious helper may be Satoshi Nakamoto. It is Satoshi Nakamoto’s unfinished mission to build a trusting society of autonomy and democracy for the inclusive public, and Atis has taken on an important mission call. Of course, the above are just speculations, which did not confirm the presence of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Atis’ vision is to benefit the masses and build a trustworthy society of autonomy and democracy. Noble ideals certainly attract a better developer community, and open source code updates are more diligent.

The purpose of Atis is to push human civilization to the peak of contract civilization through the blockchain. This is a long journey. In the process of achieving great goals, all believers must be valued and business value can be leveraged to a greater extent Social value. The entire commercial civilization ecology can be extended indefinitely. The built-in ecosystem includes:

Diversified Dapp construction and development, decentralized peer-to-peer anonymous social networking, Defi mortgage, centralized cross-chain exchange, entertainment platform, AI advertising platform, distributed encrypted network disk, supply chain financial system, IoT business payment Centralized value insurance system … This is just the beginning. Based on the strength of the underlying framework protocol, applications will become more and more abundant in the future web3.0 era.

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