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96 Thousand-Time! The 4th Super SAC Held Successfully in Zhuhai

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96 Thousand-Time! The 4th Super SAC Held Successfully in Zhuhai

March 05
20:09 2020

During the period of Nov. 16-17 of 2019, the 4th Super SAC & the 2019 Great Bay Region (Zhuhai) International Automobile Cultural Carnival held at Zhuhai Air Show Center. This event provided 12 dynamic and static activities that attracted the participation of over 1000 car owner communities, over 20 thousand vehicles and over 96 thousand person-time of visitors in Southern China region as it was of speed and passion, with dreamed cars and beauties, technologies and culture, races and entertainment, individuality and family joys.

This event was co-organized by UNICLUB Group and Zhuhai Exhibition Group, as the professional guide was provided by CAMF (China Automobiles & Motorsport Federation) of Guangdong and strategic support by Catplay Entertainment. It was jointly supported by SAE China, GroChina Capital, Stance Maker, Aibo Sports, Xinjue Sports, Bitauto, PCauto, Pinyi Media, Shiyang Public Relation, Bowei Public Relation, Qianjing Culture, CAN & D+, TFRV; and sponsored by CMBC (China Merchants Bank), Canon, Monster Energy, Bitauto MO Card, TESD, and Voss. The strong and win-win cooperation jointly made this carnival of automobile and culture!

Leaders presented at the opening, from left to right, were Mr. Mingjing Li (Director of Operations of SAE China Serial Events), Mr. Vince Knight (Founder of International Motor Film Awards), Mr. Hongxiang Xu (Chairman of CAMF in Guangdong), Mr. Wei Wang (Deputy Director General of Zhuhai Municipal Commerce Bureau), Ms. Quanli Su (GM of Zhuhai Exhibition Group), Ms. Jinling Su (Principal Staff Member of the Culture, Radio & Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Jinwan District in Zhuhai City), Mr. Jiefeng Sun (Deputy GM of Zhuhai Exhibition Group), Mr. Kention Huang (CEO of UNICLUB Group), and Ms. Lijuan Du (Marketing Director of Catplay Entertainment).

This event mainly provided the activities including, Catplay Entertainment·SAC Automotive Music Party, Catplay Entertainment·SAC Fashion Style Car Show, Formula Student China Series Activities, Aibo 04 Drag Race, 2019 Great Bay Region Miss Asia Champion Tour, HJB Car Stunt Performance, Bazaar of Thousand Car Owners, GroChina International Auto Technology & Consumption Industry Investment Forum( the 2nd ACT Forum), Funny Electro-car Challenge, SAC Automobile Photography Contest, TESD Tire Burst Challenge, CA Classic Cars Parade, Creative Merchant Market, Family Food Carnival. In combination of dynamic and static activities, forum and activities, indoor and outdoor activities, the scale and quality of this event improved greatly, compared with the 3rd Super SAC & 2018 edition Zhuhai International Automobile Cultural Carnival, which allowed more audiences to understand automotive culture, experience the automotive culture and variegated livelihood brought by automotive culture.

Catplay Entertainment·SAC Automotive Music Party combined automobiles with e-music, inviting Tracy, the top 1 DJ (3.78 million fans) on Douyin Platform to act as the leading role, as well as other 8 popular DJs to produce an audio and visual feast, e.g. UMI (2.03 million fans on Douyin), Girls Group No.1 A (1.1 million fans on Douyin), EMI (703 thousand fans on Douyin), and PINKO (a leader in the field of lady DJ in China).

Eyes would be caught when people visited the Catplay Entertainment·SAC Fashion Style Car Show, which displayed near 400 stance cars from every corner of China. The performance of lever-leaping by “Posing Gentry”, the exhibition of “refitted artworks”, interaction on site with Miss Asia, and freestyle car owners show drove the entire atmosphere within the exhibition hall to the peak.

Aibo 04 Drag Race summoned over 180 performance vehicles from all over China to compete for the champion on a track with a length of 1400 meters. Vehicles took turns for the battle, as visitors might discover on spot the cars including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, GTR, GTI, M2, RS3, Refitted Honda Civic, Refitted Honda Fit, Mustang, Dodge Challenger. Fight between electro-cars and fuel cars went fierce when racers with dilettante experience can show themselves on the professional racing track for the champion of Special Session for Car Owners Clubs.

The 2019 Great Bay Region Miss Asia Champion Tour should be deemed as the most special scenery of beauty there. 20 beauties from Guangzhou Division will compete for the title of Miss Asia, and interacted with car owners on site for purpose of electing 20 favored cars of parade, attracting near half a million votes online.


HJB Stunt Group, which is the runner-up of China’s Got Talent and cradle of Chinese car stunt, performed the live version of The Fast and the Furious. The breathtaking stunt flamed the atmosphere when HJB performers displayed the stunt, including steering with one wheel, flying trapeze, handstand on the car.

After the HJB Car Performance Stunt, TESD Tire Burst Challenge took the breath of audiences again. A car with TESD safety devices drove over the plate full of screws in a speed of 120 km/h. However, the car marched forward straightly and remained in a steady manner even its tires burst thoroughly while there was little influence on emergency brake. Hundreds of thousands of online audiences followed the anchor for a “cloud experience”.

Bazaar of Thousand Car Owners opened! Adhering to an idea of “Palling first, Business Second”, this bazaar constituted by trunks allowed every car owner to be not only a participant, but also a creator.

Halley-Davidson Motors carved a way out for the CA Classic Cars Parade. And the “Optimus Prime”, a Peterbilt truck led the whole parade and made a circuit around the exhibition hall with numerous car owners participating in. Each car owner community contributed a lot to the great success achieved by Super SAC in the past 4 years, and promoted Super SAC to be the largest carnival for car owner communities in the region of Southern China.

As a national A-level competition, Formula Student China Series Activities are the cradle of Chinese automotive engineers and cooperated with Super SAC again after the first joint action in 2018. Being a member unit of SAE China, UNICLUB would always persist in the tenet of “enhanced by technologies and empowered by culture” and bridge the gap between car owner communities and automotive technologies in order to introduce cutting-edge technologies into the life of car owners.

Besides entertainment, the 4th Super SAC introduced more activities regarding foods, specialty goods, family fun and creative bazaars, providing car owners with an excellent experience of automotive cultural charm and allowing them to enjoy a nice weekend with families.

As the annual grand event of certain industry, CAMF of Guangdong held its motorsport introduction and marketing conference during the period while major leaders of CAMF of Guangdong attended. The 2nd edition of GroChina International Auto Technology & Consumption Industry Investment Forum (the 2nd ACT Forum)officially opened and attracted investment institutions and giants from various industries with its unique theme seminar and roadshow of pipelines.

In 1932, bidding farewell to the crowd, Mr. Changchun Liu departed from Shanghai Harbor to USA for his participation in the 10th Olympics. When he was weeded out from the 100-meter dash group game, he would never know that his name would be carved in the history of Chinese Olympics for near 90 years.

It is the glory for the foregoer!

In 2019, the total number of vehicles in China officially surpassed that of the United States and allowed China to be the largest one in the world. This country with 5,000 years of splendid civilization has always stood tall in the world with its culture, whereas the development of automobile industry in the past century eventually breeds the fruit of modern automotive culture on this ancient stretch of land. The forerunner therein—the 2019 Great Bay Region (Zhuhai) International Automobile Cultural Carnival & the 4th Super SAC, acting an annual grand event for Chinese car owners, is bound to leave an indelible mark in the history of the development of Chinese automotive culture! The names of all the organizers, co-organizers, sponsors, car owner communities and millions of car owners who have participated in the event shall be engraved on the wall of development history of Chinese automotive culture!

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