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Manc Global Logistics Introduces Free Shipping and Driver Tracking in the UK to Ghana Door to Door Shipping Industry

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Manc Global Logistics Introduces Free Shipping and Driver Tracking in the UK to Ghana Door to Door Shipping Industry

March 09
21:09 2020
Manc Global Logistics (abbreviated MGL), a Manchester-based UK to Ghana door to door shipping service is excited to serve the Ghanaian community in the UK and beyond, with the introduction of their free shipping offer.

March 9, 2020 – Manchester, U.K. –

Who Are We?

Manc Global Logistics (abbreviated MGL), a Manchester-based UK to Ghana door to door shipping service is excited to serve the Ghanaian community in the UK and beyond, with the introduction of their free shipping offer. With this offer, customers who ship 5 or more boxes in a single shipment will pay for 4 boxes, with the 5th box shipped free of charge. 

Our freight forwarding company offers a UK to Ghana door to door air and sea shipping service. This is helpful for both individuals and businesses alike. As a result, many people can count on us for their shipping and logistics needs. 

We’ve delivered over 1,250 shipments to over 160 satisfied customers. That’s 250 tons of goods shipped to Ghana alone.

By using Manc Global Logistics with its door to door capabilities, we’ll coordinate the pickup of your items to their delivery in Ghana.

What Do We Deliver? 

On our website, you will find a detailed pricing list for a variety of items. These can range from baby products, drums and barrels, television sets, furniture, appliances, office supplies, textiles and bicycles. Our barrel shipments are very popular among the Ghanaian community. MGL can supply barrels for shipping to Ghana, as well as free shipping boxes.

By expanding into different categories of products that can be shipped, we are aspiring to be your one-stop shop for expediting parcels overseas. We make it easy for clients who want to book UK to Ghana door to door shipping. 

Simply fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch. Then, you’ll be asked to give additional information such as package dimensions, weight of the shipment and more. These details will help us give you a free quote that meets your shipping needs. 

Here at Manc Global Logistics, we are all about giving our customers more flexibility in shipping goods abroad. We are open to new ideas. We have our clients’ interests at heart in all that we do. Therefore, we welcome feedback and use it to better your experience. 

What Do We Do?

A growing number of companies are offering Ghana door to door shipping in the UK however, with unreliable service delivery and very poor customer service, customers have now become fed up with most shipping companies. Here at Manc Global Logistics, we take the hassle out of shipping. With our driver track feature, named MancTrack, Manc Global Logistics is able to provide precise collection times for customers.

The days of waiting indoors all day for your collection driver to arrive is past and gone. Manc Global Logistics’ MancTrack will send an email or SMS to customers on the day of collection. Customers can track their collections through their unique tracking ID and know precisely when their MGL driver will arrive.

We are here to give you the peace of mind that comes with shipping door to door to Ghana. Our sea freight shipping service is a consolidated shipping service which makes UK to Ghana door to door shipping more affordable. It is a service we recommend for bulk items, very popular among Ghanaians living in the UK and beyond. That is because we guarantee that products will arrive safely and in good condition. 

We take pride in our commitment to providing Ghanaians with the best shipping solutions in the industry. Our company has a combined 18 years of experience in logistics. Our proven track record makes us the experts you can trust with your shipping needs.

Our cargo movement includes door to door shipping, courier services and air freight or customs clearance. We also deliver anything from single box shipments to full container loads and international removals. Whichever one you choose, we guarantee that we’ll get the job done! We’re also positive that we will meet, if not exceed, your expectations. 

Why Choose Manc Global Logistics Door to Door Shipping?

Our door to door shipping service is known for being the best. According to a recent press release from the Digital Journal, we are the “best UK based shipping company for the Ghanaian community”. Our services are as quick and efficient as possible. We have high standards for how we carry out operations.  And we offer all of this at very competitive prices. 

Customers also appreciate our reliability. We keep our word and deliver items when we say we will. This makes business much easier for Ghanaian entrepreneurs, as they can trust that their shipment will arrive on schedule. 

We take care of clearing your shipment and making sure its delivery takes place without any delay. What matters for us is that you have a smooth shipping experience. When choosing business with us, you are trusting us with your order and whatever issues may arise. We handle them so you don’t have to. 

You can count on us for fast, secure and reliable shipping. 

Great Communication and Customer Service

Manc Global Logistics aims to change the face of UK to Ghana door to door shipping. With our great customer service and communication, Manc Global Logistics always responds to their customer’s enquiries in under 24 hours. This, we know, is the minimum acceptable standard in dealing with customer queries and helps us win loyal clients.

Many clients appreciate how we are quick and responsive to questions and concerns; via email, Instagram, Facebook, Google or WhatsApp, Manc Global Logistics will always respond within a short period of time. 

Are you planning a family holiday in Ghana? You’ll likely want to ship necessary items to Ghana before your trip. From the moment you schedule a pickup until the delivery, we keep you updated with your shipment. That’s because we know how good it is for clients to be able to track the status of their package in real time. 

We’ll provide you with an itinerary and the pricing information you need through our website. These are listed by delivery locations Accra, Kumasi and beyond Kumasi along with the price. Knowing that everything will have arrived in Ghana before you set foot in the country is reassuring. It will also give you peace of mind and ensure your comfort throughout your stay. 

Our services are also popular with people who are looking to shop for relatives and others in Ghana. We live in a time where everything is done online. Therefore, we process payment options such as credit cards, billing and receipts electronically. This makes it a lot easier to track spending and keep shipment information organised. 

It is our goal to be the company that clients turn to for convenience and outstanding customer service. This is our promise to you and we call it the Manc Advantage.


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