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Bit Morgan’s ETF Release Set To Transform The Digital Currency Landscape

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Bit Morgan’s ETF Release Set To Transform The Digital Currency Landscape

March 09
21:21 2020

Houston, Texas, USA – The traditional financial consortium Bit Morgan has recently entered the blockchain field, and has added ETF-labelled products to its trading business. In traditional financial markets, ETF, as a financial product, is an important investment tool well-known to many investors to achieve asset appreciation. Bit Morgan has designed a ETF digital currency based on its attributes and valuation, making it similarly a financial product. It can be further said that ETF is the securitization of digital currencies.

Bit Morgan has designed ETF as a multi-digital currency asset, holding BTC, ETH, and even EOS. This is a crucial factor for traditional ETFs. In investments, multiple portfolios are combined and hedged together to achieve greater probability ratios and returns. The digital currency ETF designed by Bit Morgan operates similarly, ensuring market demand for ETF.

What are the advantages of Bit Morgan’s digital currency ETF?

1. Funding Channels for Institutions:

Once Bit Morgan releases its digital currency ETF, various forms of traditional funds and pension’s funds can invest in digital currency. This introduces a huge flux of funds into the digital currency market, and will result in an upward trend for the valuation of all digital currencies simultaneously, including mainstream coins such as BTC and ETH. It might even witness record-breaking prices.

2. Lower Investment Threshold, Attract Retail Investors:

ETFs are suitable for long-term investments in the traditional financial market. Similarly, Bit Morgan’s ETF allows the general public to invest in digital currencies without excessive entry barriers. With the movement towards digital currencies, universal participation is possible.

3. Promote Industry Transformation

The most important principle for digital currencies is that consensus generates value. With a huge influx of people into the market, there will be a stronger consensus to promote industry progress. This initiative by Bit Morgan will thus progress the industry and accelerate industry transformation.

In the upcoming 2020 bull market, with the upwind of the digital currency market and the release of the digital currency ETF, the influx of funds and wider market recognition will push the rapid development of digital currency in the near-future. If Bit Morgan successfully launches the digital currency ETF, it will reshape the level of faith people have in digital currencies, and further promote the development of other digital currencies.

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