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That Fireplace Store – Pellet Stove Sales Increase

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That Fireplace Store – Pellet Stove Sales Increase

March 10
22:36 2020
That Fireplace Store – Pellet Stove Sales Increase
Residential homeowners are seeking pellet stoves as a new clean heating alternative. While there are many heating options out there, pellet stoves tend to be favored. Pellet stoves are user friendly and can offer multiple advantages saving homeowners time and money.

Ocean View, Delaware That Fireplace Store is a family-owned and operated fireplace store serving Ocean View and the surrounding areas offering many chimneys, fireplace and pellet stove options for homeowners. Owning and operating a pellet stove not only saves money but it is also a clean heating source and as a result more and more homeowners have discovered the pellet stove advantage. Pellet stoves produce more heat and require less maintenance; it is no wonder the sale of pellet stoves in Sussex County has increased faster than any other stove type. 

There is no question as to why the sales of pellet stoves have increased. The advantages of pellet stoves say it all.  Homeowners are now more than ever seeking clean residential heating alternatives, and pellet stoves provide many advantages as a heating source. 

Heating is one-third of a person’s yearly utility bill, homeowners can see an even bigger spike in the winter months. As homeowners seek other heating alternatives, pellet stoves have proven a powerful option partially because installation is possible without an existing fireplace or chimney.  Pellet Stoves are also a great solution for aging fireplaces or those needing expensive repairs. Pellet Stove benefits include: 

User-Friendly Many stoves require you to continually add a fuel source and to continually create ventilation for the fire. However, pellet stoves are user-friendly and easy to use. To load a pellet stove, one simply loads the hopper with pellets and lights the fire with a button or switch and heat is provided immediately. 

Clean Source of Heating Pellets are made from organic material such as bark and sawdust. These recycled materials are then compacted to make pellets. When pellets burn, they do not put off very much discharge and are even carbon neutral. Another reason why pellet stoves have become so popular in place of wood or gas is they create very little mess when burning. Once the pellet stove has gone out, the owner has very little ash to clean up on a periodic basis.

Time and Money Efficient Every homeowner wishes to save money, and to everyone, their time is precious. Pellet stoves and pellet inserts are becoming the choice alternative heating source for homeowners because of the time and money saved. Purchasing pellets are rather inexpensive, and the heat is available quickly and lasts longer. The cost of heat and the amount of heat created is far more effective than gas alternatives.  One does not waste much time loading a pellet stove and ensuring that it stays lit. For many pellet stoves, once the stove or insert has been loaded, it can provide heat for up to 24 hours without adding more pellets. 

Choosing That Fireplace Store

That Fireplace Store has a full team of experts in the fireplace industry. Their team is experienced and will provide their assistance in helping customers with the many different options of fireplaces and pellet stoves they have to choose from. That Fireplace Store can be located at 32341 Roxana Road in Ocean View, Delaware 19970, and can be reached by telephone at 302-803-6765 or via email at [email protected] For more information, visit their website

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