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New Indiegogo campaign, Leak Detect 360, Alerts When Home or Office Springs a Leak

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New Indiegogo campaign, Leak Detect 360, Alerts When Home or Office Springs a Leak

March 11
07:12 2020

Leak Detect 360 the State-of-the-Art Smart Water Leak Detector with Integrated Temperature Sensor is Designed to Protect Homes and Offices from Water, Heat, and Freeze Damage!

Over 14,000 homes and businesses around the United States experience water and freeze damage daily, which, on average, amounts to repair costs of $7,000. This could easily have been avoided had residents and business owners been warned of a water leak as it occurred within the premises. This is where the revolutionary new product, Leak Detect 360, offers the ultimate protection against any water leak or heat or freeze damage due to temperature changes. The companys Indiegogo campaign has recently kicked off to offer its smart water leak detection device with integrated temperature sensor to homes and businesses. 

Most homeowners and business owners are terrified of the thought of a fire erupting at their living or workplace. But the truth is that in the US, more damage to residential and commercial property is caused due to water, and more specifically, water leaks that go unnoticed or undetected. Keeping that in mind, we are extremely excited to introduce our state-of-the-art smart water leak detector with integrated temperature sensor. The Leak Detect 360 device, offers a special kind of surveillance for your home or business space to ensure that when a leak or change in temperature occurs you are notified via text, email, and voice message. This can prevent you from experiencing unwanted costly repairs and maintenance work.” – Nick Gray, Co-Founder.

Most people already have a smoke detector installed in their homes or business, but it pays to also install a leak detector as well to prevent any water, freeze or heat damage. The most common areas for leaks in a residential or commercial property are the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, sump pumps, water heater closet, or basement. Smart leak alert devices such as the Leak Detect 360 can detect leaks with the help of specially designed sensor located at the bottom of the device to keep your home or business space protected at all times. The integrated temperature sensor allows you to set both a low range and high range in regards to changes in room temperature. If you place the Leak Detect 360 device in a computer server room or basement and the temperature hits one of your pre-set numbers you will be notified via text, email and voice of temperature changes.

Leaks are not something to be taken lightly. In fact, at least 38% of homes and businesses in the US experience water, heat, and freeze damage due to unexpected leaks. What makes our product unique is that it uses an integrated temperature sensor thats specially designed for one purpose and one purpose only. To detect any leaks that occur on your property and help you avoid costly repairs. Receive phone, text, and email notifications. No need for a mobile app, contracts, monthly subscription fees, or a central hub. All these features make the Leak Detect 360, the worlds most efficient water leak detector, which can be used by homes and businesses alike to stay protected from water, heat, or freeze damage.”

In the United States, water damage is the second-highest home insurance claim, and it costs an average of $10,000. But, early detection with the help of smart sensors, such as the Leak Detect 360, can help avoid having to carry out costly repairs at your home or business due to a water leak. 

The Leak Detect 360 works on 2x AA batteries and boasts of an easy-to-use design for smart water leak detection around your office or home. Once a leak is detected, the smart water leak detector will notify you instantly via voice, email, or text notification, which you will receive in real-time. So, whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a month-long vacation, now theres no need to worry about water damage due.”

As a show of appreciation, we are offering rewards to those who support our Indiegogo campaign. You can expect some great discounts and addon features. If you are unable to make a pledge to our cause, wed really appreciate it if you could help spread the word of our Indiegogo campaign by sharing the link on social media with your family and friends. We are going to need all the help we can get, but Im positive that we will be successful in achieving our goal.”

The state-of-the-art Leak Detect 360 has some amazing features such as a twist-lock mechanism and a twist-lock cap for added safety. It features an integrated temperature sensor that protects your home against heat and freeze damage. The device also comes with optional mounting holes for easy mounting on the floor. 

To learn more, please visit the Leak Detect 360 campaign here:

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