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Garage Door Spring Repairs Are Common Reasons Many Have Never Heard Of

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Garage Door Spring Repairs Are Common Reasons Many Have Never Heard Of

March 11
08:49 2020
Garage Door Spring Repairs Are Common Reasons Many Have Never Heard Of

Homeowners install garages to give them a common-sense plan to store their automobiles and lawn equipment. Garages offer a safer place to get out of the automobiles and lowers the risk of auto theft. Maintaining the garage requires the property owner to ensure that their door remains viable and provides all the great benefits they expect. 

When the Door Won’t Open

Typically, when the garage door won’t open, it means that the door opener requires additional lubricants. As the door opens, it applies friction on the cables and might cause problems without proper lubricants. Repair services examine the amount of lubricant on the opener and determine if it is the source of the problem. If this isn’t the problem, a broken cable or chain that is stopping the door from opening properly is another possibility. 

Sudden and Unexpected Grinding Sounds

Sudden and unexpected grinding sounds could indicate a wide spectrum of issues. The most common are hardware problems and tightening the hardware can eliminate the problem sometimes. Some components that aren’t working properly could present noises because of lubricant loss. An inspection of the door and opener could determine where the problem exists and what the owner should do about it. 

Damaged Weather Sealant

Damaged weather sealant presents environmental problems for the property owners. Without a proper seal, the weather could create problems inside the garage and damage items stored inside it. Inspecting the weather sealant for cracks and damaged seams helps the property owner determine if it is the source of the problem. Replacing the weather sealant isn’t a complex task, and the products are available through suppliers or hardware stores. Technicians can install new weather sealant in a short amount of time and restore protection for the garage. Property owners who want more details about weather sealants visit now

Who Can Help

Overhead Door Company of Houston provides residential and commercial property owners with exceptional garage products. The company has been offering high-quality products for many years and offers high-quality customer service to their clients. The service provider guarantees all installations, and a warranty is available for all products. Property owners who want to learn more about their products or schedule an appointment can visit for more information right now. 

Door Won’t Stay Closed

When the door won’t stay closed, technicians test the alignment of the door and determine if the door has come off its tracks. The service providers use specialized tools to determine if there is an issue with the alignment that isn’t easy to detect. Correcting the problem helps the property owner get their door to open and close properly. It also prevents damage to other components of the door or the door opener.  

Homeowners maintain their garage doors by seeking help when an issue arises. The garage door is the first line of defense against potential thieves and the elements. Seeking help when the garage door is failing helps the property owner maintain their installation and keeps their property safer. 

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