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Local Expert Delivers Must-Know Plumbing Tips

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Local Expert Delivers Must-Know Plumbing Tips

March 11
19:48 2020
Local Expert Delivers Must-Know Plumbing Tips

Ron Davis of Davis Home Services
Ron Davis, owner of Davis Home Services, gives us the inside scoop on plumbing advice.

By Jim Kedge

BURLINGTON, NJ Ron Davis knows how important it is to take care of the family home. Having grown up and settled again in Burlington, Ron started Davis Home Services so that he could provide for his growing family. “I didn’t just want to earn money to make their lives more comfortable,” explains Davis, “I wanted more time to spend with them.” So, in 1998, Davis started his business. Now over twenty years later, his sons, daughter, cousins, and nephews work alongside him, delivering the highest level of service with the most up to date technologies to the Burlington area.

“I picked up a wrench later in life,” says Davis as he talks about his previous work in sales. “I know that the skills to take care of our home are things we can learn and can take great pride in doing.” Davis knows that his customers care about their homes, and want the best for their families. It’s this awareness that drives him to provide tips and education to the people he comes in contact with.

“There are simple things we can do to ensure that our plumbing is in great shape,” says Davis. Customers don’t have to break the bank or learn highly technical skills to take care of their pipes, sinks, and toilets. In fact, the tough work should get trusted to a professional.

Davis points out that what goes into your pipes matters. “If you put harsh chemicals down your toilet, even those blue door-removing tablets, it can eat away at the rubber bits that keep everything running smoothly,” Davis states. When people drain grease, fat, and other oils down their kitchen sink, they run the risk of creating clogs throughout the pipes in their house, which can lead to significant problems down the road. “Find other ways to dispose of or reuse the fats that come from cooking,” Davis suggests. If clogs do start to occur and water drains slowly, Davis suggests putting a cup of baking soda down your drain, followed by a cup of vinegar. The reaction of the two creates a natural process that helps to clear drains and clean out nasty odors.

“There are so many small things residents can do,” explains Davis. “Keep an eye out for water on the floors, whether it’s around your toilets or underneath your sink.” Davis also pointed out that human hair is one of the biggest culprits in creating blockages in our pipes. “Go to your local dollar store and find a basic “hair catcher” device,” suggests Davis. “They go in the plugs in your bathtubs and showers, and stop the hair from draining and gathering where it’s harder to reach.”

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