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China-hifi-Audio Launches Cayin Audio & Willsenton R8 Audiophile Tube Amplifier Products To Worldwide Music Lovers

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China-hifi-Audio Launches Cayin Audio & Willsenton R8 Audiophile Tube Amplifier Products To Worldwide Music Lovers

March 12
18:39 2020
China-hifi-Audio has launched a wide range of audiophile tube amplifier products to music lovers all over the world. These products include hi-fi vacuum tube stereo integrated amplifier, audiophile valve preamp, etc.

China-hifi-Audio, China’s well-reputed e-commerce platform, has made itself a name for releasing new audiophile tube amplifier products for music lovers across the globe. In its portfolio, this e-commerce platform has maintained its high-end devices that have gained popularity over time. The store supplies a wide range of audio instruments like CD players, tube integrated amplifiers, vacuum amplifiers, and so on. The prices of these products are incredibly competitive, and they source them form different top companies. Through a press conference, the spokesperson of the store said that these audio systems offer magical and fresh music for the ears of the listeners, and the best part is it reduces the noise to an extremely low frequency, which is nearly negligible and provides the perfect sound required.

China-hifi-Audio’s Cayin Audio is the best. It is used to amplify the sound and prevent any interruptions. The store offers different products, and users can find products that best suits them and works well. They are utilized in home theaters, and with the numerous features, it can facilitate clients and fulfill their high-quality audio sound needs.

China-hifi-Audio’s cayin A88T mk2 has now been integrated with the latest features and technology to improve the end-user experience. The shipping weight of this item is 30 kg, and it likewise has a tube cage protection along with remote control. EL34, 6550 (EH), and KT88 are the various types of power tubes that have been given with this device. The same device can offer three different types of sound, as this instrument generates three multiple types of power tubes. The sound nature of this item is also upgraded incredibly significantly as it accompanies an enhanced amplifier circuit. A protection circuit has as well been installed so to decrease the risk of damage to the power supply and output transformer, and it’s not just the technicalities that have been made a high end. It has an extremely incredible look because of the use of high-grade automotive painting innovation.

China-hifi-Audio Launches Cayin Audio & Willsenton R8  Audiophile Tube Amplifier Products To Worldwide Music Lovers

With Willsenton R8, music lovers can appreciate three types of sound in one amplifier model that is utilized with tube EL34, KT88, and 6550. It has a turn-off memory feature included with it.

It provides an incredible musical experience to the clients as a result of the excellent quality coupling series. There is no risk of damage to output transformers and power supply because of impeccably secured circuits. Furthermore, the item has a good quality appearance. They offer tube protective covers for each model of theirs. The noises are usually controlled and turn out as smooth and low range tone.

About China-hifi-Audio

China-hifi-Audio’s e-commerce platform is situated in China and was started in 2007 by LI Yongchuang. The store specializes in selling high-quality audiophile tube amplifier products online. The various products they supply include; amplifiers, speakers, cables, and CD players. For more than a decade now, the platform has expanded, and presently, they have a team of highly trained professionals who supply the products and guide the customers. Similarly, the store gets these products from top manufacturing companies and sell them at competitive prices. They aim to offer customers quality and highly refined products.

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