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New children’s book by Dana Bailey aims to inspire kids to be grateful and be proud of their uniqueness

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New children’s book by Dana Bailey aims to inspire kids to be grateful and be proud of their uniqueness

March 14
05:00 2020
“Fae” is a new kids’ book written by Dana Bailey which centers round the character of a young girl and teaches kids to be grateful, kind, and celebrate their own selves, just the way they are.

Succasunna, New Jersey – March 14, 2020 – Good news for parents looking for something new in children’s book scene. A new rising author Dana Bailey has recently launched a new book on Amazon that will encourage the values of gratitude in children. Titled “Fae”, the book also inspires kids to be themselves, be genuine so that people love them for who they are.

Fae” is a 3-book series and the recently launched one is the first book of the series. The book is for children aged 8 to 13 years.

“It’s a great moment for me to announce the launch of my first published book. The main protagonist of the book is a young girl of 12 and our little readers will be able to relate to her. The book aims to inspire a range of virtues in children like kindness and gratitude so that they can grow up into warm, generous and compassionate human beings. ‘Fae’ also encourages children to be themselves and be happy with what they are blessed with. It’s because those who truly love you will always love you the way you are”, stated Bailey.

“Fae” revolves around the story of Amara, a 12-year-old young teen and the central character of the book.  The young girl is all set to figure out her life and the book traces her endeavors to put the pieces together to get the hang of the actual picture. Over time, she gets to learn certain things about her past which helps her to realize that her life is actually different. 

Dana Bailey’s book will take the readers on a journey where they will discover what makes Amara’s world really different from that of the others- what are the different rules and also what are the limits. As per the author, it’s going to be a pretty exciting read to follow Amara on her path to begin a new chapter in life which she had never imagined possible.

“Fae” is also infused with elements of mystery and imagination that make the book a more thrilling read. Speaking further, the author stressed that she holds a soft corner for mysteries and tales of magic which made it easier for her to write Amara’s unique story. 

“I have always loved fairies, magic and mysteries. I believe that we are in a time now where other fairies can be discussed more in children’s books, movie and plays. My book will encourage the little readers to open up their imaginations and interpret the world and surroundings in different unique ways possible. This book has been written with lots of care and I am hopeful ‘Fae’ will be equally loved by kids and their parents. I personally would love it if all children around the world read this book and I really wish someday ‘Fae’ will be a part of something bigger.”

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