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Is Artificial Intelligence close to replacing authors and making them obsolete?

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Is Artificial Intelligence close to replacing authors and making them obsolete?

September 16
03:00 2020
R. A. Suarez has published a one of a kind book titled ‘EXCERPTS FROM AI’ that has been authored with the help of Artificial Intelligence!

Waco, Texas, USA – R. A. Suarez is a talented author who has pushed the boundaries of modern literature by incorporating the wonders of emerging technology in the process of creating meaningful art. Suarez has become a pioneer across the globe leveraging the potential of Artificial Intelligence to write a book without having prior programming experience. The book is called ‘EXCERPTS FROM AI’ and was released on 11th September 2020 on Amazon for digital readership.

With this book, R. A. Suarez aims to convey the message of the powerful potential of AI to his readers. His curious nature led him to employ the unparalleled capabilities of computers and technology to compile a collection of prose and excerpts. While talking about this publication, the author said: “This piece of interpretative literature explores what happens when you allow an Artificial Intelligence language model to generate excerpts/prose with only a short amount of context. The results may seem nonsensical but very thought-provoking. The few pictures in the book were also generated by a different AI model. This piece of literature is aimed to make the reader think about how computers and artificial intelligence will soon create everything we watch, read, and listen to.”

‘EXCERPTS FROM AI’ is surely going to be a fascinating read for people who wish to experience a piece of literature crafted with the aid of artificial intelligence. Readers who enjoy exploring exotic genres would love to find patterns and create an overall sense meaning from the unique passages present in this book. What makes this book even more interesting is the fact that it contains imagery that is also designed by an “artistic” AI model. It would not be incorrect to presume that this book will enable the readers to have a peek inside the ‘mind’ of machines and better understand where this technology is headed in the coming years. Suarez has played a significant role in expanding the boundaries of modern literature with his one-of-a-kind book. He has set a precedence for upcoming authors to adapt their literature to a continuously changing environment.

The book is approximately an hour’s read and comprises of ~88 pages. The book is available on Amazon for sale. It can be accessed from the following link:

About the Author:

R. A. Suarez is a native of Waco, TX who is passionate about new technology, especially AI. He is not a programmer or a developer but an emerging technology aficionado. He is both excited and nervous about how human-like Artificial Intelligence has and will become. This will be his first piece of literature available to the public.

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