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Nut Harvesting Requires Special Industrial Equipment

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Nut Harvesting Requires Special Industrial Equipment

October 10
11:30 2020
Nut Harvesting Requires Special Industrial Equipment

With the harvest season farmers are busy at work preparing their equipment. In today’s modern age, almost all crops are harvested using specialized industrial equipment. Nut farmers can benefit even more than most from ensuring that all their equipment is in working order, though.

Without access to proper equipment, they’ll be stuck doing a lot more work by hand. Read on to find out about the different types of industrial equipment used by nut farmers and how to keep it in top shape.

Mechanical Shakers

Mechanical tree shakers are large, tractor-like vehicles that feature huge mechanized steel arms with gripping claws on the end. Farmers drive them up to trees, use the shaker’s hydraulic system to move the arm around the trunk, then press a button to begin rapidly shaking the tree. This vibrates the nuts loose, causing them to fall to the ground. 

Tree shakers have a lot of moving parts, so preventative maintenance is essential to prevent equipment failures. Before the season starts, check the overall condition of the equipment and ensure that no parts need to be replaced. California Industrial Rubber Co. offers the following specialty replacement parts:

  • Shaker pads

  • Pillow pads

  • Drip pads

  • Shaker slings

  • Shaker lubricant

  • Cylinders

  • Tree seals

  • Nut Sweepers

Most tree nuts are dropped to the ground before harvest. They need to be collected as swiftly as possible to avoid crop losses. Nut sweepers allow farmers to push the dislodged nuts into rows, making them easier to pick up off the ground. These large, tractor-like vehicles feature circular teeth, sweepers to collect the nuts, and powerful fans that blow them into piles. When maintaining sweepers, pay attention to the following parts and visit to get replacements if they are worn or damaged.

  • Wire rakes

  • Tine bearings

  • Harvest fingers

  • Fan blades

  • Rubber mounts

  • End caps

  • Liners

  • Mechanical Harvesters

After the nuts have been swept into rows between the trees, they must be collected for transport to the hulling facility. Most modern farmers use either self-propelled or tractor-powered mechanical harvesters to make this work easier.

Harvesters function like vacuum cleaners, sucking the nuts up into a metal drum and using a fan to blow out dirt, sand, pebbles, and other debris. They then empty the nuts into a cart. The nuts are deposited onto conveyor belts, while the debris is collected inside the metal drum so it doesn’t reach the harvest facility. Here are the parts that may need to be replaced during routine maintenance:

  • Pickup belts

  • Metal chain belts

  • Elevator belts

  • Cleated twin rod belts

  • Rollers

  • Flange idlers

  • Rubber parts

  • Plastic parts

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Now that farmers and equipment managers know what to look for, they should order replacement parts before rolling out their machinery for the season. California Industrial Rubber offers a wide array of specialized parts for farm equipment and has custom manufacturing capabilities to help farmers with older or more obscure machines.

Visit to get in touch with questions or place an order as soon as possible.

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