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WebsiteSuccess.Tools Enhances Business Performance through Comprehensive Monitoring

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WebsiteSuccess.Tools Enhances Business Performance through Comprehensive Monitoring

October 30
05:55 2020
Improving operational performance is a natural preoccupation in running any business. Business owners are looking into different ways to improve productivity, cut the cost of production, and increase sales, revenue, and profit. A few concrete examples of operational improvements include maximizing sales opportunities, utilizing automated processes for greater efficiency, and enhance overall customer experience.

One particular performance measure in business getting a lot of attention is reliability. Reliability in business is defined as “the probability that a product, system, or service will perform its intended function adequately for a specified period, or will operate in a defined environment without failure.” For businesses that wholly or in a major part operate online, reliability is what their website needs to have.

The reliability of a website depends on a variety of factors such as how well-written and error-free a website’s structure and programming are. Another factor that website reliability depends on is network conditions. Simply put, these are about the speed and responsiveness of the network in the points between the website and a visitor. Lastly, there is the performance of the website’s web hosting service. Remember that websites are only programs. What runs them are special computer systems known as web hosting servers.

A web hosting server is responsible for publishing a website which means storing, executing, and making a website available for public access. Since a website’s reliability is a direct result of a host’s reliability, most web hosting services advertise their reliability rating, more commonly known as uptime. Typical uptime percentages of hosting services are well above 99% but because there are no perfect systems, no hosting service can guarantee 100% uptime reliability.

On average, most hosting services offer a 99.95% uptime reliability. With the chance of a system downtime as little as 0.05%, most services are reliable enough. In a year, for example, a 0.05% downtime rating means a possible 262 consecutive minutes of system downtime or over 4 hour-long website outage.

As most businesses today are heavily reliant on information technology for their normal business operations, a website outage on their part constitutes huge losses on productivity and sales opportunities, and in many cases, complete work stoppages. Experts estimate that the cost of such system downtime is $5000 per minute or $300,000 per hour on average. Enterprises dealing with high-volume of data transactions stand to lose more with estimates at millions of dollars with every offline hour.

While larger enterprises have entire departments to monitor and manage their IT services and have finances robust enough to buffer offline losses, many smaller companies and private businesses do not have these luxuries. As such, extended downtimes bring a certain possibility of ruin.

An affordable and effective way of mitigating the effects of extended downtimes is employing the Uptime Monitoring services of WebsiteSuccess.Tools. The Uptime Monitoring service provides real-time watch of a client’s website through a minute-by-minute web host server and network testings. At the first sign of website trouble, the monitoring system sends notice to the business owner or his system administrator via email or SMS. The accuracy of the monitoring and timeliness of the alerts are the keys that can spell the difference between a costly runaway outage and nipping downtime at the bud before it deals with great damage.

WebsiteSuccess.Tools offers other monitoring and diagnostic services designed at enhancing online business services. For example, there is the Page Speed Monitoring service. It tracks and monitors a website’s speed index, time-to-title, rendering rate, and other key performance measures. Automatic alerts can be made to set-off based on determined thresholds. This provides system administrators a chance to find faults, make necessary fixes, and lower the risk of outages from happening.

Another diagnostic service offered by WebsiteSuccess.Tools is its Real-Time User Monitoring package. The service allows monitoring of real-time events such as page-loading, front-end application crashes, detecting broken links, and other content analysis. This service also provides identification of real-time user performance issues of up to one (1) million page views. The vast information gathered is highly useful for web developers who use it for smooth website maintenance, repair, and optimization.

WebsiteSuccess.Tools is a provider of web services used for building the foundations of online business success. It continues to be at the forefront of providing comprehensive monitoring services aimed at enhancing online business performance.

For more information on WebsiteSuccess.Tools and its services, visit For questions or inquiries, email mailto:[email protected].

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