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Lit Mode, the Clothing Brand that Bridges the Gap Between Hip Hop, Anime, Comic Books.

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Lit Mode, the Clothing Brand that Bridges the Gap Between Hip Hop, Anime, Comic Books.

November 03
00:48 2020
Lit Mode, the Clothing Brand that Bridges the Gap Between Hip Hop, Anime, Comic Books.
Lit Mode is blending the culture and bringing something new to fashion.

Lit Mode is a dynamic brand that bridges the gap between hip hop, anime and comic book art and creates unique clothing, masks and merchandise that features art inspired by those genres. Besides their online store at they plan to sell merchandise on Amazon and other online stores soon. Lit Mode creates exclusive designs inspired by pop culture and makes parodies of them as well. Anime and super hero characters featured on their shirts and hoodies are often inspired by mainstream pop icons but are mixed with hip hop elements and poses. Some are funny reminders of popular characters but have a unique twist and others are mixed of two characters combined in one. The art style varies between highly detailed comic book style art and dynamic anime style art.

Besides cool clothing art, they have catch phrase designs like “Drippin’ in finesse” which was made popular by hip hop super stars Cardi B and Bruno Mars and “Entanglement” made famous by Jada Pinkett Smith. Lit Mode looks for funny ways to incorporate pop culture slang or events in their designs giving their customers a unique experience and fashions that flow with what is trending. For instance, one of their anime t-shirts featured characters fighting over the last roll of toilet tissue which was inspired by events happening at the time.

Lit Mode brings great designs created by their lead artist Antoine X, a comic book artist that has over 20 years of experience. He premiered his art at the Jacob Javits center and has been drawing since kindergarten and has received training in the high school of Art and Design and at the Fashion Institute of Technology as well as the School of visual arts. Antoine X is also a hip hop fan and has experience as a producer and song writer and is working on his own musical projects and draws inspiration from hip hop music and culture and incorporates it in to his art, clothing and merchandise designs. “Hip hop has a style, confidence and swagger that I feel blends in well with the confidence and power of super heroes and anime characters,” Says Antoine X “and I feel the Lit Mode Brand bridges the gap between the different styles really well,” he adds. Years of drawing anime, Marvel, DC, and Image Comics characters have also inspired him to create his own super hero comic book called “Dark Shark” that is aimed to be released in 2021.

Lit Mode has a sub division called “Girl power” that features designs for females whether they are looking for something funny, cute, inspirational, sassy or bold. “We have clothes and merchandise that many women like” stated Antoine X.

Lit Mode is a unique clothing and merchandise brand that is a mix of different art styles like comic book, anime, hip hop, and pop culture. More information is available at their website at and on their Instagram account at @Litmodestore to stay up to date with their new releases.

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