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LaTroy Gable Proves that Determination Produces Success

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LaTroy Gable Proves that Determination Produces Success

November 25
08:06 2020
LaTroy Gable Proves that Determination Produces Success

Shattering stereotypes against black men and creating a new breed of ambitious individuals who can do ballet, build houses, and own businesses, LaTroy Gable has proven to everyone that everything can be earned with passion and determination. With power and determination stored, it will truly drive a person to conquer their success. Gable is set to create one of the most creative short films to be ever seen in 2020, “Can’t Say I’ll Stop Now,” which is his self-produced masterpiece, is set to debut to the world on December 28.

The short film has provided more than 40 opportunities amid the people’s adversities during the pandemic. The “Can’t Say I’ll Stop Now” short film brought hope to performers, businesses, and peers who lost gigs, class time, stage opportunities, and customers. Within the process, LaTroy Gable built an everlasting bond with the many companies, including the most talented animators located in Georgia, Europe.

From 10- to 50-year-old citizens of multiple ethnic backgrounds, Gable used the first-ever short film music video to animate a jeep gladiator. It is the first short film music video to bring together black businesses in Beaumont, Texas, and the first animated/ live action music video to be done at a university. This will also be the first ever animated/live action short film done in a University and created by a 26-year-old black man who wrote, scripted, acted, sung, danced, choreographed, dressed, hired, and expensed the entire production. Gable took everything that a student with a theater/dance or performing arts degree can learn and applied the knowledge where no one else has, which is to everyday life.

LaTroy Gable is a persevering and hardworking man as he is someone who, after long hours of studying and years of saving, converted a school bus into an RV and built a 600 sq. ft. home only with his bare hands. At the same time, he balanced work and his performances in multiple shows and in various dance forms. He became someone who reaped the fruits of his labor and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theater/dance at Lamar University. 

Behind those fruitful moments of his life is a rough journey that he experienced. He had a downfall after having a questionable theft incident, which cost him friendships, jobs, and almost cost him his career. After that massive downturn in his life, he saved money once again and has now created his masterpiece, set to be released at the end of the year.

LaTroy’s path was not a walk in the park. He also felt the racial forces of some people in his hometown, the children’s sadness, disbelief from his colleagues, and the mature wisdom of his elders around him. He set out to show that he can’t stop moving forward as he managed to learn the world’s ways, and he is determined to make something out of his degree. Fortunately, after his undying determination, he is set to produce his art and prove that anyone can turn their struggles into positivity, be their pain’s pain, and be the creator of their happiness.

For more information about LaTroy Gable, contact him through his Instagram account.

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