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Timothy “2wo Offishall” Wallace – A Former Universal Record Artist Becomes an Author

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Timothy “2wo Offishall” Wallace – A Former Universal Record Artist Becomes an Author

November 26
06:06 2020

There is no shortage of bright talent in the world – and one of the most outstanding examples of this talent is Timothy “2wo Offishall” Wallace. Timothy’s life has taken a lot of turns and twists – but all of it was necessary for him to be who he is now.

And what is he now? Everything that comes to mind: a producer, fashion guru, rapper, musician, songwriter, marketing and branding specialist, and, most importantly, an author.

His aspiration to become a writer was always within his nerves, but it took him several years of diverse experiences to get his name published in the book.

Timothy’s story took a start when he was 13 years old – starting a career at the age of 13 is itself a rare achievement – he worked with a local publishing agent to give his rhymes the shape of the book. He was intensely involved in music at that time – and the passion in his heart was allowing him to groom and sharpen his talent.

Although Timothy “2wo Offishall” Wallace was graduated in Audio Engineering from Columbia College, Chicago – and he worked enough to provide value to that education – his enthusiasm remained with book writing.

After the sincere hard work of a year at a local publishing house, at the age of 14, Timothy met the management of Lil Romeo, an American rapper, actor, entrepreneur, and model. Lil Romeo’s management instantly inspired Timothy – and he planned to dive deep.

The on-the-way star Timothy Wallace did more than 40 tours while writing – which is a milestone not everyone can achieve – and released five phenomenal mixtape projects – for which he received ultimate critical acclaim and a new step to fame.

These five mixtapes were just a start; Timothy had planned for something bigger. In 2008, with the shoulders heavy because of the weight of eternal passion and eyes teary for the imagination of success, being the most eager to stick with the music industry, Timothy started rapping.

This wasn’t a surprise to the audience who heard it; Timothy always had a hidden rapper inside him. But bringing that talent on the stage with the record company was something that took a lot of courage – and Timothy “2wo Offishall” Wallace did it astoundingly.

Timothy rapped for a local record label company in Chicago named Money Bag$ Ent. That is where Timothy was introduced to the breathtaking world of marketing and branding.

Marketing and branding are vast fields. Everyone seemed to be aware of them, but rarely anyone knows how deep and curious this industry really is. Working with the commercially acclaimed record label, Timothy got his relook into the marketing and branding business related to music and musicians. And that was where he got the inspiration to crawl deep into the branding business.

Soon after, he started working on his book about Branding and Marketing. Meanwhile, Timothy worked with multiple companies – most prominently with iHeart Radio as a Radio Host – and acted as a Super Producer for various musicians, mainly American rappers Yo Gotti, Money Man, Lil Durk, and more.

Timothy “2wo Offishall” Wallace also worked as a Fashion Guru and designed for several clothing lines.

As for personal life, a star-to-be Timothy engages himself in designing and painting. He is also a brilliant cook and keeps himself fit by playing sports and getting involved in other recreational activities.

Timothy’s life is a perfect story of how a former Universal Recording artist became a globally-known published author. He currently works as a Super Producer, Radio Host on iHeart Radio, Fashion Guru, Brand and Marketing Specialist, and, most notably, an Author.

Timothy’s book, “The Branding King!” is an ultimate guide for marketing and branding. The Branding King! not only discusses Timothy’s personal experiences as a marketing agent and brand ambassador but also is a perfect tool for beginners and intermediates to learn about different stages and techniques about marketing and branding.

The Branding King! is the book that anyone can read who’s deeply interested in the surface discovery and trenched secrets about Marketing and Branding. Timothy “2wo Offishall” Wallace’s writing style is sharp, unique, and simple enough to be understood by anyone.

The Branding King! is a brilliant book for the start of the career – with more books on the way in the future by an exceptionally experienced and talented author.

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