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Daylight Saving Time Makes Solar Lighting Increasingly Popular

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Daylight Saving Time Makes Solar Lighting Increasingly Popular

November 26
07:15 2020

Lots of people are trying out solar lighting for the first time. Many more are discovering just how affordable and valuable solar lights can be, especially when daylight saving time rolls around each year. Solar lighting is much more popular and effective during this time of year for several reasons.

How Does Solar Lighting Work?

Solar lighting is innovative and eco-friendly due to how such lights get their energy: the sun! The sun is essentially an infinite source of power. All it takes are appropriate solar panels and a device can soak up as much energy as needed for any type of electrical task.

That’s the basic principle behind all solar lights. They feature flat or angled panels that can absorb solar radiation throughout the day. Many of the best solar lights will even detect when the sun goes down, turning on automatically and lighting the way to safety or illuminating a front porch or driveway without needing to be turned on manually.

Since solar lights draw their power from the sun instead of a normal power grid, they also don’t add much cost to energy bills. Solar lights are both eco-friendly and wallet-friendly!

Daylight Saving Time and Solar Lights – A Perfect Match

Daylight saving time occurs when people in many countries collectively push the clocks forward one hour at some point each year. In 2021, daylight saving time in the US starts on March 14, allowing daily schedules to take full advantage of the rising amount of sunlight due to the Earth’s axial tilt. 

During the spring and summer seasons, the Earth tilts toward the sun, and those in the northern hemisphere benefit from additional sunlight every day as a result.

This is good news for those who use solar lights. Any installed solar lights have even more time to gather power during daylight saving time, so they can shine brightly when the sun eventually goes down. Approximately one more hour of sunlight every day, even during the summer, means that solar lights are even more effective than normal.

The Rising Popularity of Solar Lights

Many are taking advantage of solar lights now so they’re ready for daylight saving time. The  LumiGuard™ Solar LED Security Lights by Boundery™ are just one example.

These affordable and effective floodlights are easy to install anywhere outdoors. They draw power from sunlight and will automatically turn on when they sense motion. Even better, they save their power by shutting off after 20 seconds when motion is no longer detected.

Since these lights are weatherproof and durable, they’re long-lasting and the perfect choice for homeowners who want effectiveness and affordability mixed into a single package.

Others are looking into the Boundery™ Solar LED Stair Lights which can be installed on any stairs and will automatically absorb sunlight. Once activated, they light the way safely up or down when the sun has already set. They can also be used on fences, decks, docks…any surface with a ledge. Both the LumiGuard™ Solar Motion Sensing LED Floodlight and the Solar LED Stair Lights are extremely effective, especially during daylight saving time, and can save homeowners significant money on their electric bills.

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