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Study Shows Bugs Are Deterred by Specific Lighting

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Study Shows Bugs Are Deterred by Specific Lighting

November 26
07:18 2020

There are few things more annoying than being attacked by bugs while trying to enjoy a nice meal outdoors, especially during the summer. It’s all too common for bugs to swarm around outdoor porch lights and suddenly attack any available food. Even worse, many types of annoying insects, like mosquitoes, will buzz around and pester anyone outdoors so long as there are lights to draw their attention.

The reasons for bugs being attracted to light aren’t exactly clear, though hypotheses range from bugs’ desire to remain warm to a potential instinct for the faint buzzing many lights emit. Regardless, those with outdoor areas would do well to use lights that can deter insects rather than attract them.

Fortunately, a new study has recently come about showing that bugs are deterred by specific outdoor lights.

LED Lights – Clear Winners According to Study

The study came from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Ecologist Michael Justice presided over the broader experiment, and his credentials include a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

What exactly did they find? Justice and his team collected a vast amount of data over the course of a single summer in Appomattox, Virginia. They utilized multiple types of light, including regular incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs, and light bulbs with varying colors.

The results? LED lights seemed to be the least attractive to bugs of all varieties, including spiders, mosquitoes, stink bugs, beetles, and other types of pestering insects frequently found around porch doors and backyard patios.

Indeed, warm-colored LED lights were specifically the least attractive, even compared to dedicated bug lights or other types of LED bulbs. On the flip side, incandescent light bulbs were found to be particularly attractive to insects, so the study recommends that individuals avoid incandescent bulbs if they want to enjoy their outdoor activities in peace.

The Bug Bulb 2-n-1 Outdoor Lantern

Fortunately, many eco-friendly and affordable companies like Boundery™ have been working on effective anti-bug bulb solutions. For instance, Boundery™ offers a dedicated Bug Bulb 2-in-2 Outdoor Lantern that anyone can try.

As opposed to being just a regular light bulb, the Bug Bulb is a unique outdoor accessory that both turns away insects and, in the event that an insect still decides to land on the bulb, zaps them with enough electricity to end their pestering permanently.

It combines the effectiveness of an industrial-strength bug zapper with the calming and soothing light of an affordable LED bulb. Plus, this bulb takes advantage of Boundery’s traditional eco-friendly manufacturing standards – their bulbs are environmentally friendly and draw less power than regular incandescent bulbs or even other LEDs.

Ultimately, solutions like the Boundery™ Bug Bulb are the way of the future when it comes to repelling insects and illuminating the outdoors. Customers can find the Bug Bulb 2-n-1 Outdoor Lantern at, along with many other eco-friendly and effective lighting products.

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