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4 ways to hide IP address: a guide to protect privacy online

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4 ways to hide IP address: a guide to protect privacy online

December 23
01:30 2020

One way or another, everyone has heard this question in a movie or TV show whenever there is some sort of a hacking scene, “How to hide my IP address?” or “Is there a way to hide my IP so that no one will ever track me?” and another character will just respond, “yes, there is a way.” but of course, that character never tells how. The one who asked the question will just observe while the other character will decode complicated stuff on the computer. Then the viewer will just sit there, getting curious at how he does that because maybe, he wants to try it too.

To take every viewer’s mind off of curiosity, here are some methods that an internet user can use to change or hide his IP address for free so that third parties will have no clue on what the user is doing online. Yes, the user’s identity will be sealed.

By connecting via VPN

This may be the easiest way to protect a user from the spies of the internet. A Virtual Private Network, or simply VPN, has an ability to encrypt all of the user’s data to his internet service provider and create another ‘tunnel’ via remote server. By using this, the user’s IP address will be changed depending on the chosen location server.

There are now a lot of VPNs available in the virtual market- from paid to free VPN. Some VPN services allow free trial for three to seven days, and some are totally free VPN with no subscription needed.

Installing GoingVPN will help internet users with this matter. This VPN service is not just totally free, it also boasts of unlimited VPN data which helps the user surf the internet whenever. Plus, it features ultra-high-speed technology for the user’s convenience, and it surely hides the IP address from global server connections. This way, the user can access blocked apps and websites on their current location. Experience true freedom with GoingVPN. Download the app here.

After installing GoingVPN, here are the steps to use it to hide IP address:

  • Choose a server location below the ‘Connect’ button.
  • Once the user has chosen a server, click the ‘Connect’ button in the middle and wait for the connection to establish.
  • Once the connection has been established, exit the app then open any app or websites. The user can now use the internet with secrecy.

By browsing using Freenet

If an internet user just wants to search for something through a browser, use Freenet as a browser. It provides total anonymity and its purpose is to encrypt documents. It will only be accessible to those who know the associated key. 

Although very helpful, Freenet requires a lot of the user’s disk space and resources. So if the user’s device storage is small, the user may want to think of some alternative. But if the storage is not a problem, this is a quite good way to browse the internet anonymously. 

By installing a proxy server

A proxy server can help the user secure data as it will give them another IP address. By that, third parties will never know the user’s exact location. Although proxy servers hide every IP address to websites and other parties, it lacks encryption and security features that a VPN can provide.

If a user’s concern is their home or work network, he can enable a proxy server as it controls internet usage of children and employees. That way, the user can block websites and apps for it to be inaccessible in that network.

By connecting via Public/Free WiFis

Whenever internet users are in a coffee shop or a restaurant, they can check their WiFi settings to know if the establishment they are in has a WiFi. If the establishment has one, use that WiFi connection to browse the internet so that the user’s IP address will be changed into the establishment’s network.

However, there are still risks connecting to public WiFis as third parties can get anyone’s information and may use it against them. Still, browse with caution.

In conclusion

Connecting via VPN is the safest and easiest way to hide a user’s real IP address to different threats online. Install a VPN that has a high security feature, that can provide access to blocked contents, and has several servers to choose from. If budget is an issue and a user doesn’t consider investing in premium VPN, install GoingVPN now. Certainly, browsing time will be filled with data security.

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