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Pest Control Available in the Charlotte, NC Area

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Pest Control Available in the Charlotte, NC Area

January 28
02:57 2021
Pest Control Available in the Charlotte, NC Area

Putting off professional pest control services from a company like Sustainable Pest Systems is something many homeowners do. One reason is that they think they can handle any pest issue on their own. Others are worried about the high cost of pest control services. Along with the ongoing aggravation that may occur, not seeking pest control services can cost more in the long run.

According to professionals like the team at, many types of bugs can cause significant and costly property damage. If the issue is not treated, it can make a home dangerous to live in and may eventually force the family out. Keep reading to find out why putting off pest control services is never a good idea.


One of the worst pests that can be found in a home is termites. It is believed that termites cause more than $6 billion in damage around the globe every year. These insects are found in damp areas, and they can ruin a home’s value with constant chewing. Something else to understand is that most homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover damage caused by a termite infestation. If termites are a problem, don’t wait to call the professionals at

Wood-Boring Insects

Just as the name of these insects implies, carpenter ants and carpenter bees will make a home in the wood. They can chew extensive tunnels in the wood used for a home, lay eggs, hatch larva, and the process continues.

Even worse is powderpost beetles. These insects will chew the wood holding a home up into fine powder, lay eggs in it, and when the new beetle’s hatch, the cycle starts over. If these issues are not treated properly, by the professional, bugs like these can get out of control quickly.

Stinging Insects 

Damage to a home is one thing, but damage to a person is no better. Hornets and wasps often live in garages, eaves, and other parts of the home that provide shade and shelter. These insects can build quickly, and they will reproduce faster. The stings they cause are also extremely painful. In some situations, attacks that occur from hornet’s nests can be deadly, as many people are allergic to their stings. As a result, any type of stinging insect problem should be handled by professionals right away.

Bed Bugs

Fast, small, and virtually impossible to kill or get rid of, bed bugs may infest an entire home and leave everyone inside covered in itchy and irritating bites. They are known for their ability to be elusive and are extremely challenging to get rid of.

It is not uncommon for people dealing with bed bugs in their home to have to pay thousands of dollars to replace the items that are infested. Don’t let this happen to you. Call the pros for help.

When it comes to pest-related issues, the worst thing a person can do is to not call the professionals for help. Professional pest control teams can take care of any insect issue, quickly and effectively.

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