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Unlocking the Secret of Wealth Creation & Protection

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Unlocking the Secret of Wealth Creation & Protection

January 29
16:33 2021
Unlocking the Secret of Wealth Creation & Protection
Agency provides strategies for getting the most from savings.

Financial freedom is the holy grail for most entrepreneurs and high paid professionals. Said simply, it is having ones passive monthly income or investments exceed their monthly expenses. For most, this would allow them to “retire” and no longer need to work in order to live out the lifestyle they desire.

The challenge most financial freedom seekers face is they feel like they must take massive risks with their finances in order to reach their financial goals.

There is no layer of protection. No safety net. No plan B.

After running several successful small businesses, Sean Adams fell into this exact same trap.

“I was on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster. Save up a nice nest egg, then an expense would come up wiping me out forcing me to start saving all over again. I never seemed to be able to get a head and put money away for the long haul.”

Adams was dedicated to sharpening his financial education and began studying what billionaires and ultra-wealthy families did to grow and protect their fortunes. He stumbled upon a lesser-known secret strategy that the wealthy have been using for 100+ years that completely changed the trajectory of his life and businesses forever.

He calls this secret establishing a Leveraged Wealth Account. These are very specifically designed accounts that leverage concepts of life insurance & banking principles to provide what he calls the 5 Levers of Wealth

• Guaranteed Growth:
  ◦ no matter what happens in politics or the government

• No market exposure:
  ◦ not effected by ups and downs of the stock market

• Limitless liquidity:
  ◦ access ones money on their own terms allowing them to use their money in two places at once

• Tax Advantages:
  ◦ Protect ones savings from steep tax bills.

• Protection:
  ◦ Insulate ones cash from creditors, bankruptcy and even lawsuits

Adams founded Leveraged Life Management with one single mission: “To unlock the secrets of the ultra-wealthy because we all deserve the best options available to us.”

Adams created an e-book called ‘Billionaire Banking Blueprint’, which outlines how the wealthy have been using this unique strategy and how anyone can implement the principles regardless of their financial starting point.

Leveraged Life Management is committed to opening the eyes of individuals who find themselves stuck in a rut when it comes to really maximizing wealth. With years of industry experience and knowledge, Leveraged Life Management offers simple and easy to understand strategies that help individuals make the best financial decisions possible.

More information can be found at

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