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Carblue Recently Announced the Acquisition of o2Diesel, Helping to Limit the Negative Impact on the Environment

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Carblue Recently Announced the Acquisition of o2Diesel, Helping to Limit the Negative Impact on the Environment

February 04
14:24 2021
Carblue Recently Announced the Acquisition of o2Diesel, Helping to Limit the Negative Impact on the Environment
Carblue is a company focused on the environmental effect of the transportation sector, especially diesel-fueled vehicles, and making emissions better and more efficient, such as limiting its negative impact on the environment. The company strives to take the next big step to ensure fuel efficiency and overall environmental protection. As part of its goals, Carblue is proud to announce the acquisition of o2Diesel.

Poole, UK – Carblue is focused on taking the steps necessary to help vehicle owners and those in the transportation sector to reduce their carbon footprints on the environment. Seeing as transportation is a significant aspect of a vibrant economy, the team at Carblue continues to work hard to expand their horizons into better options to help protect both vehicles and the environment.

As part of its commitment to this particular goal, the company has acquired o2Diesel.

Announcing the latest acquisition, a representative of the company noted that O2Diesel provides an immediate and easily implemented contribution to addressing the challenges of making diesel fuel perform as efficiently as possible while also improving air quality in the environment.

The company’s representative, explaining the push behind the latest acquisition, said: “In the face of stricter urban air quality regulations, diesel engines and their emission control technologies have improved substantially over the past decade. Diesel fuel itself now faces similar challenges if it is to meet global clean air objectives. Diesel fuel will become a very different product over the next few years when compared to today’s standard fuel.”

The representative added: “Increasing pressure and mandates from governments in multiple markets to build a sustainable energy policy through the use of renewable fuels is presenting numerous challenges to the industry. Since most economies rely on diesel as their main commercial transportation fuel, using renewable fuels with diesel is key to meeting these global objectives.”

With the acquisition, Carblue and o2Diesel will be able to achieve the common goals of helping fleets around the world to meet their air quality obligations without limiting their performance or causing operator inconvenience. They will provide premium quality fuel that utilizes O2Dieses, Corp.’s renewable, proprietary fuel technology to incorporate ethanol into diesel fuels and produce a cost-effective, cleaner-burning fuel for all diesel-powered engines. It will reduce the hazardous emissions caused by diesel-powered engines, cut down on visible smoke, and improve engine performance for greater efficiency, irrespective of the size, condition, and use of the vehicle.

Carblue remains committed to working across the board to ensure that its solution is acceptable to all vehicle and equipment manufacturing brands across the world.

Carblue is headquartered at 13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset BH16 6FA, UK. To learn more about the exciting new journey of Carblue and o2Diesel’s cutting-edge approach to reducing diesel-powered engines’ environmental effects, visit the company’s website.

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