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Acadia Drafting Shares 3 Reasons for Obtaining a Building Permit for Home Projects

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Acadia Drafting Shares 3 Reasons for Obtaining a Building Permit for Home Projects

February 09
22:25 2021
Acadia Drafting Shares 3 Reasons for Obtaining a Building Permit for Home Projects

Before starting any home renovation, a homeowner should research what he needs to do to get a building permit. As the leading permit drawing agency in Toronto, Acadia Drafting wants to share 3 top reasons for obtaining a building permit for any home project.

A building permit is basically a document that people get from the local building department giving people the authorization they need to start construction. For example, if they want to build a deck or put up a fence, they would need a building permit. There are several reasons that people would need to get a permit, and here are the top three.

Adds Value

Building permits are kept for tracking and recording purposes, so they are public record. If people end up selling the home in the future and the new buyer is curious about any upgrades on the house, there will be proof that people completed the renovations legally. This will help ensure that the work completed was done within code regulations and will pass inspection.

Contractors Stay Honest

Along with permits, inspections need to be completed. This means a certified building inspector will come to the home and make sure the project was completed properly. The inspector will look over the project entirely in a series of two or three inspections.

A building permit basically lets the contractor know that their work is going to be inspected by a certified person. The contractor will not be able to take any shortcuts that could be unsafe in this case. They will have to do the best job they can.

Built-In Payment Schedule

Instead of paying for the project to be completed up front, homeowners will make payments in increments. As they meet one threshold, they will make the payment for the next part of the project. For instance, when they finish demolition homeowners will pay for rough framing. The inspections that go along with the permit will be easy-to-follow payment-wise.

For example, the first payment would be about 30% of the contract. The second payment would be another 30% and would only be paid after the first inspection was passed. homeowners would then pay another 30% once the next inspection was completed. When it comes to the last inspection, homeowners will pay the remaining 10% of the contract. This makes it a 30/30/30/10 payment plan.

It might sound a little complicated, so it is always recommended to consult with a local reliable permit drawing agency like Acadia Drafting to help homeowners to start the projects safely.

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