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Korean Manufacturer Mamask Introduces Masks Made with Love to US Wearers

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Korean Manufacturer Mamask Introduces Masks Made with Love to US Wearers

February 16
20:26 2021
Korean Manufacturer Mamask Introduces Masks Made with Love to US Wearers

People say nothing beats the care of a mother. While various brands and manufacturers scrambled to produce gears at the onset of the pandemic, a South Korean garment manufacturer went above and beyond by producing masks equipped with care, as a mother would. Mamask is a face mask producer that any mom would approve of.

Beyond clothing, Mamask is genuinely a lifestyle brand. Not only do they produce stylish, comfortable face masks that kids will be excited to wear outside their homes, but the company also uses its unique copper-ion fabric filter technology with every product produced. Their signature copper-ion fabric filter is proven effective and powerful against bacteria, microbes, and also possesses deodorizing benefits. 

With the majority of its workforce composed primarily of women, Mamask ensures that their masks are made with love and commitment. Named after “Ma,” a word underlying definitions of “mother” and “heart” in Korean, the company embodies the level of dedication a child can receive from his or her mother. Additionally, the company is inclusive to all dedicated craftsmen who share the same vision of protecting people amid the global crisis.

The founders of Mamask realized how other face masks in the market might be uncomfortable, especially for strenuous activities. Mamask fabric masks are made of pure cotton, making it soft and suitable for extended wear. This signature fabric mask stands out with its breathable material, adjustable ear bands, and flexible nose strips to keep them in place. They also offer Mamask Sports, masks made of neoprene and copper ion fibers, which is great for activewear.

Furthermore, Mamask comes with cool, family-friendly designs that kids love, such as lion prints, puppy patterns, and bunny illustrations printed on the fabric. It may be a struggle for many parents to convince their children to wear masks for hours at a time. But through the company’s designs, kids are enticed to wear them without any problem.

The demand for Mamask began when the government commissioned the parent company, The Beautiful People Co. Ltd, to begin the production of facemasks when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak. The Beautiful People Co. Ltd. used to focus on the production of jackets and suits for various fashion brands, and with this new product came the birth of a new company, Mamask, which is dominating other markets in the United States and around the globe.

The country’s launch was a big hit as people quickly noticed the masks’ capability to protect its wearers. Since then, the company has been featured across various platforms, such as Glamour and CNET. This month, Mamask launched its new collection for FW colors, Mamask Sports, and three-holiday gift sets, providing thoughtful and timely gift ideas for this holiday season. 

From turning a 3D pattern used by the garment manufacturer to a line of masks, Mamask has created a positive impact in thousands of lives, one mask at a time. Learn more about the company on its website and Instagram.

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