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Refrigerated Temperature Controlled Transports Are In High Demand in Canada

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Refrigerated Temperature Controlled Transports Are In High Demand in Canada

February 17
14:32 2021

Refrigerated transport is an increasingly common method for moving food, medicines and healthcare supplies, vaccines, chemicals and other temperature-sensitive goods between locations. This can include the need to stop wine spoiling in transit, seafood from perishing or dried foods at room temperature. Temperature controlled trucks, or ‘reefer trucks’ for short, provide compartmentalized chilled or heated transportation for cargoes of all sizes around North America.

No matter the weather outside, refer trucks run on a thermostat system with a compressor, condenser and evaporator. This means that reefer trucks are perfectly capable of carrying frozen goods safely through the Arizona desert in summer as it is carrying heated goods through Manitoba in winter by maintaining the stability of the inside temperature.

Other situations in which reefer trucks prove their worth are in extreme temperatures such as heat waves or particularly harsh winter conditions, or environments such as deserts or mountainous areas. The amount of time required to ship some temperature-sensitive products can otherwise be extremely limited. Reefer trucks can extend this shelf life throughout the journey of the goods, and keep them fresh or in prime condition when they reach their destination.

“Many of our customers contact us because they need to get temperature-sensitive goods from point to point without incurring the costs of air travel”, a spokesperson for RoadLINX commented. “The ability to carefully control the temperature of all kinds of cargoes is vital to the supply chain of many North American businesses. Not only that, but it also expands the geographic area many of our customers are able to sell to, when it would otherwise be impossible to maintain the temperature, or too costly or not practical to use air transport”.

“Dairy products or wine are prime examples of goods that need careful attention across their entire journey. Reefer trucks are equipped with the ability to maintain a constant warm or cool temperature as required in order to preserve maximum freshness of the load.”

The decision of whether to use road or air transportation is also something many logistics departments struggle with as there is no easy answer. In simple terms, road transport is slower but cheaper, and air transport is faster but more expensive. But this is a broad generalization, and the practical reality is that there are pros and cons of both forms of transport. Because of this, many firms ultimately use a combination of ground and air transportation for cargoes based on a number of different variables.

About RoadLINX

RoadLINX is a Canadian freight transportation company based in Toronto, ON. The cross-border freight shipping firm specializes in temperature controlled transportation of goods that require consistent warm or cool temperature throughout their journey. With end-to-end logistics provision including storage, shipping, trailer rental and specialized services, RoadLINX covers all logistics requirements.

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