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Mask distribution company offers new and upgraded reusable good-fitting face masks

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Mask distribution company offers new and upgraded reusable good-fitting face masks

February 19
00:12 2021
WashyMask is a new company that produces high-quality face masks with a mission of donating masks to underserved populations in the wake of the global pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made well-fitting face masks a vital piece of protective equipment for healthcare workers and civilians. While the importance of wearing face masks in slowing the spread of the virus has been demonstrated, there remains a lack of understanding about the role that a ‘good fit’ plays in ensuring their effectiveness. Through the comfort, good fit, and breathability of WashyMask, buyers can redefine their daily life activities such as shopping, fitness, or even dining out without worrying. The WashyMask is different from the average surgical mask in terms of quality, appearance, and most importantly how it sits on a person’s face.

WashyMask is a new company with a mission of donating masks to underserved populations. Their masks offer unique features that are not found in competing cloth masks like ASTM Level II certification, anti-microbial layers, lab certified breathability, and multiple fit options. An ASTM Level II mask means that the WashyMask is certified for use in many medical and industrial applications and is guaranteed to meet all the minimum requirements.

The unique selling point for this company is that every purchase helps underserved communities across America based in Seattle, New York, Austin, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City through mask donations. For every 2 masks sold WashyMask donates 1 to homeless shelters in these communities. Many of the communities they help are brought to their attention by their customers. They believe in helping their neighbors first and view their role as a conduit towards connecting individuals with their local community. Their spotlight campaigns are designed to highlight specific communities in need and make it easier to know where support from their customers is being deployed.

There are several reasons why customers should choose WashyMask over their competitors with the number one being that the WashyMasks are FDA ASTM level II certified facemasks which means that they have a greater than 98% efficiency in filtering out bacteria and particulate matter as small as 0.1 microns. The masks are waterproof and have two separate layers to help keep out the moisture. One external water repellant layer and one internal, nonwoven water-repelling barrier for maximum protection.

The antimicrobial coating impregnated within the masks helps ensure all those nasty little bugs that get filtered out won’t be setting up residence and causing issues such as acne or rashes. The masks are also breathable and do not cause suffocating feelings for the user. The material is a soft hypoallergenic cotton exterior which is designed to keep the customer comfortable and breathing easy. Additionally, users can wash the masks in the washing machine up to 50 times and maintain their safety features. This helps in creating less waste and keeping single-use masks out of landfills. The WashyMask also stays put even during the most demanding of physical activities through their active fit securement option so that the mask would not slide off without warning.

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