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Growth of the Education support services in the UK

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Growth of the Education support services in the UK

February 22
12:06 2021

During Coronavirus, it was expected that less people will be willing to study or apply for education, this is not the experience of Janus global LTD nor the UK Education industry as an unpredicted surge of students started courses all around the UK. This company has revolutionised support for those who wanted to study in the 2020 and perfected their system to start their operations globally. With ethical values and policies intended to support students and visa applicants, no wonder why there has been a surge in referrals for the company on different social media platform.  

The company has an excellent framework and its founders are proud of its systematic style of operation and the fact that they do not charge students for the support provided as agents. started operations in late 2020 and works on bringing hundreds of students into the UK. Janus Global’s founder, Mr Rabie Abdel Samad, has been in higher education for the last 10 years and has achieved two masters. The education he received in the UK lets him see the need to support students who are interested in studying in the UK but worried about the procedures. The need of support by students has became overwhelming and research show that students are more likely to be accepted if an agent is there to support , this is why they wanted to support the students which in turn supports the UK Education services and the original nation of the student as they will now have more skilled workers. The company’s name derived from the name of a deity, the god of transition and education, also know as the god of two faces, one looking at the past and another looking into the future. This represents the core values of the company, a chance for the student to change their future and yet reminisce in their future about the time spent in the UK Education. There is no better name that could have been planned. The company really wants to give any advice and support the student to find the best university for them, yet it also wants to see their future. As a growing company, added an International Diplomatic Institute branch that has been provided in the company for those students who wish to publish their knowledge, this will allow the students to get exposure and employment and will be an excellent tool to provide for those who are looking for diplomatic solutions through the student’s means. The company is one-of-a-kind and it aims to support all those interested in studying in the UK.  

The company is expected to grow exponentially to support hundreds of students on monthly basis. The UK agents such as will be supporting students from around the globe but will attempt to specialise in places where the support is lacking and the need is greater than the support available, these areas are Latin America, EU and China but will cover support to all those who need it from any nation.  

Janus Global is different than other companies because it is special amongst its competitors with policies that are completely synchronized with UK, EU and International Law while being the first to ensure anti-human trafficking policies and revolutionary support that follows the students till after their graduation.  

Expected growth of this company due to its stated ethical value might increase exponentially in the next 5 years and hopes that this company can grow like it wishes the students it serves.   

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