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Woo-Javi offers people with an opportunity to socialize without judgement

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Woo-Javi offers people with an opportunity to socialize without judgement

February 23
03:18 2021
Woo-Javi is an app that connects like-minded people using journalism and content sharing to build a great community.

With various social media sites available to the masses, it is getting difficult for people to find the right platform where they can vent their heart out. More than just venting, it is also about how people can be judgmental on social media without realizing it. Whether it is someone who is facing a life crisis or a person who likes to express their interests, getting bashed for their personality is quite common. Thus, Woo-Javi is the right solution for people who want to connect without the fear of being judged.

Woo-Javi is an app available on both the App Store and Google Play that allows people to engage with others based on common interests and/or adversities. The owners understand that life is not always a bed of flowers and they want the public to be able to own their personalities without feeling ashamed no matter what. This is why they strongly believe in the concept they like to call ‘Be Unapologetically You.’

The app allows people from around the world with diverse background and stories to share what they strongly feel about. It also allows users to express their heart via various forms of journalism. They can write their stories, share an audio, or video description or use imagery to show their emotions. By doing so, the app connects people based on their common interests or hardships so that they can share what they really feel without any fear. People who use the app knows that people reading their journal are more likely to empathize rather than sympathizing and that changes a lot in how a person feels about themselves.

From sharing their fitness routine or tutorial videos to being able to share a lifelong injury or disease, the app has allowed numerous people to celebrate their talent and cope with trauma at the same time. There have been instances where people discovered how it is not necessary that a person facing a mental illness has nothing else to their personality. They can be great singers or dancers or have a special skill that is unique to them while still having to fight with the brutal realities of life and Woo-Javi helps them realize that it is okay. It is okay to not feel great all the time and it is okay if a person is unable to figure out what they want to do next. This is the beauty of the app that uses journalism in the most unique ways.

While Woo-Javi has already helped save uncountable lives, it also provided people to celebrate their differences irrespective of their background, age, race, culture, or physical and mental abilities. Having an impact on people’s lives in this way is what the app is all about and the owners are determined to make this world a better place with every passing day.

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