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ANIL UZUN Announces A New Book

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ANIL UZUN Announces A New Book

February 25
17:36 2021
ANIL UZUN is very pleased to announce that he will release a cookbook on minimalist cooking that will be available from July 2021.

“The Minimalist Cookbook” will consist of recipes that are waste-free and delicious. Minimalist cooking is urging people to cook with less ingredients and create easy, healthy and delicious recipes with lesser time spent. “Minimalist cooking is focusing on what is truly important for a recipe and removes distractions. Keep it simple and elegant,” says ANIL UZUN

“You can simplify your cooking without compromising quality or taste,” he continues. 

The new cookbook from ANIL UZUN will feature never seen before recipes that can be cooked with 5 ingredients maximum.

ANIL UZUN has been working in restaurants for many years and he wants to promote eco-friendly and healthy eating. He has been counseling professional chefs and restaurants on healthy and eco-friendly food.

“What is minimalist cooking?” ask ANIL UZUN. “For me minimalist cooking is the one that diminishes active time spent cooking. For some minimalist cooking is eating raw, for some it is veganism but for me it is less cooking time with eco-friendly and less ingredients.” 

The minimalist cookbook is packed with simple, healthy and delicious recipes. The exciting never seen before recipes with 5 ingredients maximum has been a joy for ANIL UZUN to write. The Minimalist Cookbook will be available from July 2021. 


ANIL UZUN is a chef and a professional restaurant manager who aims to inform people about healthy eating. He has been a consultant to restaurants for 8 years and he also has experience in journalism, he creates TV Show contents and develops recipes and publishes cookbooks.

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