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7:32AM Music – A Record Label By The Talented Hip-Hop/Rap Artist J-Killa

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7:32AM Music – A Record Label By The Talented Hip-Hop/Rap Artist J-Killa

February 27
11:36 2021
7:32AM Music, a record label discovered by John Jenkins, who is more commonly known as J-Killa. J-Killa is an acronym for “Just Killing It Lyrically Like Always.”

Waynesboro, Georgia, United States – 7:32AM Music, established in 2019, was supposed to be a record label only for its founder, J-Killa. J-Killa later decided that he wanted something better than a record label only for himself. J-Killa intended to establish a record label that worked for everyone and had a purpose behind it.

J-Killa is an undiscovered artist from a small town in Georgia. He has always had a way with words and music. His lyrics are exceptionally remarkable just like, his nickname suggests. John Jenkins makes music straight from the heart. He has recorded hundreds of songs and four albums; Before the Pain, DeVoted, DeVoted 2 and, DeVoted 3 which shows his understanding of music and impressive talent for composing songs. He and his record label make music to spread awareness in the audience to get a full understanding of the things that are going on in society. His storytelling and lyrical skill are very authentic, and he always pays tribute to his successors.

J-Killa has always had a fascination with poetry and has been writing poems since he was a little kid. His favorite subject was literature, and he believes that he is a few of the only heartfelt rappers left. People compare John Jenkins to J. Cole, Derez De’shon, and from time to time to the legendary 2Pac. These three people are also the sources of inspiration for J-Killa. To him, music is an emotion, and as an artist, he has always created heartfelt, and relatable music. His music is based on the obstacles faced by people in this world and the widespread dilemmas in the country that he lives in.

J-Killa made 7:32AM, to spread awareness and bring a positive difference by his crafts. He understands that not everyone has a platform to stand up and create a difference. He made his own record label to be a voice for the musicians of the future. 7:32AM is a place where artists will be heard through their music. There is no restriction of genres at 7:32AM. Viewers can listen to any song that they find relatable. 

J-Killa inspires artists to tell their stories and struggles to the world. He has an exclusive Merch store to promote the new rising artists. He also sells protective face masks, which are a necessity in the middle of a global pandemic. J-Killa ensures that a portion from every purchase made on his store goes to the ‘Direct Relief Organization’, which is a humanitarian organization active in all 50 states of the USA and 80 other countries, its mission is to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty and other emergencies.

7:32AM is more than just a record label; it is a voice for the musicians and a source of entertainment and calmness for the viewers. J-Killa constantly works for the betterment of his record label and, he is hoping that a big impact will take place and, it will change the outlook of the music industry and industries beyond that.

Instagram: @jkilla_music_forever

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