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Professional sauna suit MUMUSK begins free shipping of sauna suit made from patented fabrics.

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Professional sauna suit MUMUSK begins free shipping of sauna suit made from patented fabrics.

March 03
07:00 2021

As diet sauna suits become increasingly popular in Korea, the Silverhilon8000 fabric, developed by the sweat suit specialty brand MUMUSK, is garnering attention too.

A sauna sweat suit is functional sportswear specially designed to optimize the reduction of body fat during exercise by increasing body temperature and boosting perspiration. Once exclusively used by professional athletes to promote weight loss, the intrigue has recently grown among the public due to the surge in popularity of training and running as daily exercise routines. 

The MUMUSK sweat suit is set apart due to its specialized Silverhilon8000 material. Silverhilon8000 boasts radiant heat facilitation and perspiration permeation because it is covered in a breathable layer of polyurethane. It is easily washable and friction durable. It handles sweat, retains warmth, and does not release any toxic chemicals. In addition, it is made with a highly breathable fabric, allowing for comfortable perspiration permeation. After more than a decade of research, MUMUSK has developed and patented Silverhilon8000, the optimal sauna suit fabric. 

In addition, MUMUSK uses eco-friendly, non-toxic, hot-melt coating technology to ensure health and safety. Adhesive coating is typically made with harmful organic solvents that can be absorbed through the skin and eventually enter the respiratory tract. This method also contributes to environmental pollution. MUMUSK’s method dramatically differs from this because hot melt adhesive does not require the use of organic solvents, making it completely free of all toxins, formaldehyde, and bleach components. This leads to a safe, healthy, and eco-friendly performance. To legitimize these claims, MUMUSK has received non-toxic, hot-melt material testing and certification.

MUMUSK sweat suits are antibacterial, ultra-lightweight, super stretchable, and have radiant heat functionality. Thanks to these special features, MUMUSK sauna suits have gained popularity in Korea and are loved by many, having been purchased over 1 million times by October 2020. The product is currently exported to France, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Indonesia, and MUMUSK supplies sauna suits to world-class sports companies through ODM (Original Development Manufacturing). MUMUSK has also begun entry into the U.S. consumer market. 

“MUMUSK is directly responsible for the planning, design, production, distribution, and sales of all sweat wear fabrics,” said CEO Choi Hyang-hee. He furthered that, “We have studied and researched to ensure a healthy and effective lifestyle by skillfully applying Korea’s only sauna suit patent technology.” 

To commemorate its launch in the U.S., MUMUSK will hold a free shipping promotion for all products until May.

For more information, please visit MUMUSK’s website below.


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