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Jiangong EIC held a groundbreaking ceremony, the Global Fintech Super Alliance (FSA) was formally established

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Jiangong EIC held a groundbreaking ceremony, the Global Fintech Super Alliance (FSA) was formally established

March 10
17:24 2021
The University Center cooperates with Jiangong for constructing the Third City, Kicks off World-Class Landmark, Global Megacity

The future of the cities will determine the future of mankind. The rise of Hangzhou, China’s Fifth City, will also help the Delta of Yangtze River, a world-class city cluster, to become an important global hub.

An international city that leads the world.

On March 10, 2021,Jiangong’s EIC held its first digital foundation ceremony while officially announcing the start of a new global megacity.

EIC: The city’s ambitions

IMAX super stage, huge LED screens, AI powered robots welcoming guests, and financial technology alliance, Zhejiang University Netnews, Mingyuan Cloud, G-Force Innovation Center, China and Canada Qili Innovation Incubation Center (international innovation project incubator), Celtic House Asian Partners (international fund), Zhejiang Investment and Financing Association, Secretary-General Xiang Hua of the World Youth Leaders League,attended the signing ceremony, Turing Award winner Joseph Sifakis, and the People Bank of China Monetary Policy Committee member Dr. Ma Jun delivered an speech online. EIC brought Hangzhou’s first digital groundbreaking ceremony.

Hangzhou, a city with international influence, has just started 14th five year plan.

It is China’s fifth city after Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, moreover it is one of the eight largest financial technology centers. It has gradually emerged as a financial and trade hub, an international innovation land, and a global economic node.

Hangzhou has big ambitions, because it wants to lead the world, create the future, and focus on the development of world-class urban agglomerations with the further integration into the larger global scale.

EIC is here to realize these ambitions.

Jiangong has always been focusing on leading Hangzhou for the upcoming 20 years and being in top 500, from EAC to EFC, each project becomes a city’s benchmark and generation imprint.

Jiangong EIC settles the core of CBD Olympic Sports, participation in the grand strategy of Yongjiang development, compare to Seattle, USA, a 500’000 square meters micro-city-complex, bring global resources, and lead the international development of cities.

Just as Seattle has brought Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing and other giants while also attracting Google, Facebook, Twitter, Ebay and other fast-growing technology companies to open offices, even Huawei, Tencent Baidu, and other Chinese companies have also followed. A few big companies have brought huge value potential, helped to further urbanize the city, and aggregated talents.

EIC has planned the urban empowerment: top level headquarters, world’s talents; 24 hour super city with 8 hours of work, 8 hours of life, and 8 hours of entertainment. It has integrated into the world economy.

EIC: Exploring the world

Voyager 1 was launched in 1977, however it left the solar system and entered the interstellar space after only 36 years. Its courageous journey was to explore the unknown world, the obtained pictures showed that there is a lot to explore.

Jiangong built the Rainbow Bridge with the vision of constructing the world’s best city and welcoming the world’s most famous enterprise. Jiangong has always been able to use global resources and talents to further develop and empower the development of the city.

The EFC has a clear pattern of building cities with its world-class architecture, thus they were able to attract a group of unicorns, including Alibaba Cloud, Marriott, Shell, and Kuaishou, therefore it is comparable to a Silicon Valley.

Today’s EIC 4.0 product has just laid the foundation and been approved by the Super Alliance which has strongly endorsed this Global Megacity. This “Chinese Seattle” will attract the world’s top 500 companies, international funds, and other big companies, moreover it will create a financier community and build a city that draws world’s best enterprises and talents.

It is a big opportunity for the city and huge ambition of Jiangong. It can help to internationalize and prepare Hangzhou for the new era.

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