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Significant move from San Diego by transforming food production

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Significant move from San Diego by transforming food production

March 10
18:15 2021

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has reported a 3 percent increase in agricultural production and exports in California.

According to the department, over 400 commodities increased in California’s abundance, including fruits and vegetables. The increase was reported to have yielded $10.4 billion in sales with further activities showing progressive improvements.

The president of the California Grape and Tree Fruit League said, “Despite the challenges in organically maintaining plants and soil, the progress being recorded in the agricultural space of the country shows that there is hope and food supply will not be disrupted in any way.”

The City of San Diego has impressively pressed on to source for organically maintained plants, organic soil, and homesteading supplies.

The Compost and Mulch Study in San Diego has reported that organic generation and production in the county is 160,000 cubic yards, and 150,000 cubic yards for finished products; 4.5 million cubic yards with the possibility to be made from landfill materials; 1.7 million of compostables with 1.25 million tons of compostables available in a projection for 2025 and another possibility of generating 330,000 tons of green materials from landfill cover.

The program manager, Michael Wonsidler said, “There is still room for a greater improvement in agriculture in San Diego through the tremendous potential made available in compost and mulch.” He added that to realize the potential, a nexus is required among multiple sectors of the county, the public, and private stakeholders towards increasing investments, policies, and programs to ensure soil and plants are organically maintained for robust food production.

Observation from City Farmers Nursery has shown that the trends for homesteading in San Diego have gone up with an increase in demands and struggle for supply. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed how important self-sufficiency in food production and home supplies can be. The observation included that vegetables, bread baking, fruits, sewing machines, apiaries, and fabrics have continuously been on a surge in San Diego.

When asked about his views on homesteading, a gardener whose main job has been producing supplies for homes could not contain his mixed feelings on struggling to meet up with the supply of chicks for San Diego residents during the time people feared food supply could be cut off due to the pandemic. He said he had never seen such a thing before that people would increasingly buy chicks to raise even though it might take up to six months to raise for consumption.

The shoots up in agricultural production in California is in close connection to the improvement of soil and plants in San Diego. The increase in homesteading is adding to the ways fruits, vegetables, and other regular home needs are self-produced in San Diego. The good thing about this progress is the achievability of improved food sufficiency in the country and even its availability for exports.

San Diego is on the right path to making further headways in food production. The look-out for organic soil and organically maintained plants is essential because natural ingredients are large quantities in organic soil. The natural ingredients help the plants to become nourished, enriched, healthy, and develop resistance to pests and diseases. Ensuring the safety of plants is possible with organic soil, and this is the step that people gradually take for increased food production and availability in the county.

The right materials and equipment are needed to have functional homesteading. The quality of tools available for tending the gardens, making fabrics, or turning bread in their pans impacts the results that are gained from the activities.

Federal and State regulations of agriculture in San Diego allow for organic planting and maintenance of plants.

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