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A Custom Coded Geopolitical Minecraft Server with a Twist

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A Custom Coded Geopolitical Minecraft Server with a Twist

March 11
01:24 2021

Since the dawn of video games, there have been many projects that tried and failed to capture replicate realistic geopolitics and history in a simplistic manner, that is easy to understand for the average person to just hop in and play around, and yet very well built for experienced players who want to customize every feature and really delve in their political environment and become a superpower on the world. I think that finally one of these projects have gotten as close as possible to this dream.

Imperator Network is a Minecraft server but with a twist. It takes the simplistic beauty of Minecraft’s features like being able to harvest resources, build, and communication and gives it a much more realistic geopolitical feel with custom plugins built from the ground up over the course of half a year. There are already countless servers that use “Towny” plugins for the same idea, but I truly do not think that any of these plugins comes close to the customization and depth Imperator allows.

One of my favorite features on Imperator is ability to customize your nation-state’s government. You can build your own government ranging from a totalitarian government with you as the Glorious Leader to an anarchy state where everyone has equal powers! This is a level of customization that was never allowed in pretty much every other Towny-based Minecraft server.

Another great feature is the war aspect of the server. Battles have been built from the ground up on Imperator and are balanced properly so it’s not just full-on perpetual battle, but also allows for exciting and interesting battle mechanics. All of this is also very well described on the official Imperator documentation.

Overall, I’m really excited to see Imperator grow and thrive, as I genuinely think it has potential to be a really interesting take on the geopolitical video game genre. It currently is fairly small, but updates with new features selected by the community are very common and the server can be scaled for larger use as time requires.

For more information, please check out the official website here at:

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