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The 6 tips on Australian company tax rebate can greatly reduce the heavy burden of tax payment

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The 6 tips on Australian company tax rebate can greatly reduce the heavy burden of tax payment

March 12
11:56 2021

The terms “tax refund, liability limited company, trust fund, partnership, self-management pension” are very learned. Each form will bring totally different tax burden, and can meet different needs through legal compliance operation, for example, self-management pension is the first choice for tax reduction of purchase in some cases. The form of tax refund is not limited to limited liability companies, and ay elite accounting firms are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of tax under each company form. Help customers avoid risks by reasonable company tax rebate. We are committed to minimizing the tax burden on our customers. Please contact us for details!

1. Reasonable tax avoidance of the company

The employees of ay accounting elite accounting firms have at least 10 years of corporate tax avoidance experience. We provide professional and personalized services for customers, and we can reduce the tax burden for customers as much as possible in business activities, consumption tax registration, employee tax declaration and so on. We respect the needs and privacy of our customers, and have maximized tax relief for thousands of customers, and have been praised by our customers for many years. No matter what business activity you are in, we can avoid tax for you in compliance. Please click the company tax return page for details or contact us for further information. 悉尼会计

2. Tips for tax avoidance

When the profits of family trust are distributed to beneficiaries, there is no tax to be paid, while the failure to distribute reasonably means high tax.

Self-management pension is the most effective and reasonable way to avoid tax, and its tax rate is far lower than the personal income tax rate.

The partnership business does not need to pay income tax, and the partner will be required to pay personal income tax according to the individual partnership income. If the partnership has any loss, the partner may deduct the corresponding loss against the individual income according to the partnership share.

The capital gains tax of pension part can enjoy tax discount, for example, if the property is sold in the pension accumulation stage, the capital gains tax enjoys preferential. If the property is sold during the pension period, no tax is required for the transaction.

There are more tips for tax avoidance. You will get answers at the ay accounting elite accounting firm. Please contact us for details.

3. Partnership

The partnership is one of Australia’s most popular forms of business. Its advantages include risk sharing, tax relief and so on. Common forms include family partners and limited liability partners. If you are in the early stage of the company and are not familiar with the risks and advantages corresponding to the partnership system, please contact ay accounting elite accounting firm to provide you with detailed answers and assessments.


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4. Trust

Trust fund is the most common form of property management in Australia, and has rich experience in the ay accounting elite accounting firm. In a word, ay accounting elite accounting firm is well aware of the role of trust fund. Trust fund is not only the guarantee of inheriting wealth, but also has a good tax avoidance purpose. For example, under the premise of comprehensive consideration of the ability of repayment of loans and the negative deduction of real estate, the rational use of trust funds will maximize tax avoidance. In this regard, you need to answer the questions from an experienced institution like ay accounting elite accounting.

5. Self managed pension (smsf)

Self managed pension (smsf) is a new saving mode of self managing pension in recent years, which is popular among the public. But it takes a lot of energy to go through strict audit. It has a great tax avoidance advantage in the aspects of house purchase and capital gains tax. First, the pension tax rate is only 15 per cent – much lower than the individual income tax. Secondly, the capital gains tax of pension part can enjoy tax discount. For example, if the property is sold in the pension accumulation stage, the capital gains tax enjoys the tax discount. If the property is sold during the pension period, you do not have to pay taxes on the transaction. Please contact ay elite accounting to assess and answer how to maximize the role of self-management pension (smsf)

6. ABN tax refund

ABN tax refund of individual is also an important part of individual tax rebate. Its business limit is large and small, but in some cases, it enjoys the same benefits as the company. Ay accounting elite accounting firm has been engaged in individual tax rebate and tax planning for many years, and has successfully refunded tax for tens of millions of individual households, which has been highly praised by the public. Provide all-round “company” financial services at low price, reduce tax to the maximum extent and make reasonable financial planning for you. Please contact us for details.

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