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Mysterious Sci-Fi Fiction The Crucible Is Coming: A Story That Foretold The Reality

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Mysterious Sci-Fi Fiction The Crucible Is Coming: A Story That Foretold The Reality

March 20
02:24 2021

In November 2019, a fantasy mystery novel, The Crucible, was released in Chinese. Back then, no one knew that the human world would usher in a major disaster a few months later. The Crucible is a prophecy.

In March 2021, after some twists, the English version of The Crucible launched globally. Finally, the prophecy begins to tell worldwide.


The epidemic has made people feeling uneasy, depressed, and even desperate. International conflicts burst continuously. People pointed fingers at each other. In 2020, when Covid-19 broke out, too many things made us feel that the virus has changed our lives and distorted our souls.

The author of The Crucible, Yu Ren, had once said, “Many demons and devils feasted in the pandemic ‘party.’ The virus is indeed horrible. However, what more terrifying was our fear of the virus lead us to discrimination and evil. The virus made us change to someone different.”

The Crucible preciously foretold such a point. The story of The Crucible talked about virus infections as well. However, rather than talking about physical sufferings, the novel focuses more on one’s soul and identity’ changes and fusions, lined with the virus’ name in the book, a Fusion virus.

When a catastrophe emerges, should we change our values to adapt to the environment or maintain our adherence to our original intention? It is a practical proposition that our world is facing currently.

What’s more valuable is that certain plots in the second half of The Crucible accurately predicted some countries’ responses to the virus. Such as bar codes on citizens’ bodies, rapidly locked-down regions and cities, and the lost control situation.

The author, Yu Ren is a Gen-Y writer from China. He was born in Beijing, the capital of China. Since his childhood, Ren had read massive classic works from the East and the West. He enjoys to study history and philosophy. A few years ago, Ren studied abroad in Japan. Ren combined both oriental and western styles in his writings. Moreover, he added scientific fantasy and mystery to his composition. His books started with The Requiem B Minor, The Dusk City, Blank And White Border, and now, The Crucible. Ren’s cognition of reality is awakening. Moreover, he started to foresee the coexistence with viruses and the confrontation with human nature.


As for his foresight, Ren Yu commented, “I like to read history. Since I was a child, history was the only class that I always ranked number one. Many people say that history is useless; they are in the past. But I don’t think so. I think human civilization is a kind of reincarnation. In addition to the rapid development of science and technology, most human choices and human natures are hidden in the history. I like to look at the future from the history.”

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