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There Are Many Different Sheet Rubber Polymer Specs

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There Are Many Different Sheet Rubber Polymer Specs

March 30
11:42 2021
There Are Many Different Sheet Rubber Polymer Specs

When purchasing sheet rubber products, consumers need to understand the different specs. Each type comes with unique properties, and the end-use application must be known to determine which compound will provide the optimal product performance.

For instance, EPDM rubber compounds resist ozone and weathering. This makes them ideal for outdoor use. However, they cannot be used in projects that require fuel and oil resistance. In contrast, nitrile compounds offer the oil and fuel resistance needed in some projects, but users must purchase a product specially compounded to resist UV rays, natural aging, and more as well. 

As the company goes to design the product they need to take these polymer specs into consideration. Furthermore, they need information on the physical, chemical resistance, and mechanical properties of the polymer and the final application to ensure the right product is selected. Consider the following as the decision is made, and speak to the supplier if more help is needed when choosing a product. California Industrial Rubber Co. works with clients to ensure they obtain the right product for their project. 

Physical Properties

When choosing a rubber polymer, consider the physical properties. This includes the hardness and color, along with the tensile strength and elongation. Surface aesthetics play a role in the decision-making process as does compression deflection. People may discount the physical properties believing other characteristics are of more importance. However, choosing the right material requires considering all factors, as this ensures the appropriate sheet rubber polymer is selected the first time. 

Mechanical and Dynamic Properties

Tear and cut resistance needs to be considered when choosing a material, as the manufacturer doesn’t want the product to fail under normal use conditions. Flex fatigue and resilience cannot be overlooked at this time, and the company must take into account vibrational dampening. Don’t overlook resilience and abrasion resistance either. 

Heat Age Properties

Various heat age properties play a role in which rubber sheet polymer works best for a given application. This includes heat aging, compression set, and service temperature limits. Take into account ozone and UV resistance, as well, to ensure the product holds up with time. 

Chemical Resistance

Chemicals can do harm to various materials, which is why this part of the decision-making process should never be rushed. Oxygenated and hydrocarbon solvents need consideration along with acids and bases. Consumers don’t want to purchase a product only to have it fail when exposed to chemicals they regularly use. By considering this during the polymer selection process, companies reduce the risk of this happening. Take into account water and steam resistance as well as other fluid resistance when making the choice. 

Additional Properties

Flame and smoke resistance play a role in which polymer to select and the same holds for permeability and radiation resistance. Take into consideration electrical resistivity and thermal conductivity when making a choice, as every element plays a role in the success or failure of the finished product. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to for help. 

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