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The Oasis Cultural Centre Design Competition results announced.

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The Oasis Cultural Centre Design Competition results announced.

January 11
01:54 2022
The Architectural design competition to design the Cultural centre of Marrakech, Morocco was organised by UNI and hosted by Unfuse.

An oasis is a lush green area in the middle of a desert, centered around a natural spring or a well. It is almost a reverse island, in a sense, because it is a tiny area of water surrounded by a sea of sand or rock. Oases can be fairly easy to spot—at least in deserts that do not have towering sand dunes. The sight of an oasis on the horizon has been a very welcome one for desert travelers.

The culture in Marrakech, just like any culture worldwide, plays an important part in shaping a city and its people. Marrakech is rich in culture and so diverse with its historical influences reflected through the beautiful architecture, delicious cuisine, and welcoming people. Bathed in the pink glow of its adobe walls, the lovely Marrakesh throws open its doors to all culture lovers.

How can a concept of Oasis and the culture of Marrakech come together in an architectural project that is much more than a culture box? How can it symbolize the Marrakesh of the future? The city was founded c.1070, nearly a thousand years ago, by the Almoravid dynasty (an imperial Berber Muslim dynasty).  This unique project will give the city the possibility to be flowering again and offer unique opportunities for investors in the BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) projects for shopping malls and offices.

A city market in Marrakech - View

As per the organisers, the cultural center had to be an example of a green cultural and exhibition city – where usage of energy, alternative energy, and recycling, and sustainable development gets implemented as an example for the rest of the world.

The oasis should take care of environmental issues and reduce waste. The design, construction and operation should have sustainable development in mind. The oasis could be the first cultural centre in the world created on a sustainable basis – and without compromising creativity, practicality, costs and uniqueness. This will also make it attractive for organizers and visitors to come.

The jury for the competition consisted of esteemed designers, professionals, and academicians from around the world. The Lead Jurors for the competitions were as follows: 

Mohamed Bennani, Principal Architect, Mohamed Bennani Architects, Morocco

Ignacio Peydro, Partner / Principal, DOSIS, Spain

Isabel Collado, Partner / Principal, DOSIS, Spain

Tarik Oualalou, Founding Partner, OUALALOU+CHOI, France

Meritxell Inaraja, Architect, Meritxell Inaraja ARQUITECTA SLP, Spain

Some of the Best of competition projects are:

Winning Project: ECHO

By: Carla Wijaya   

Description: This project reflects and advocates the potential future of Marrakesh while celebrating Moroccan culture. Through the use of materials, technology, and landscaping, the project primarily explores and attempts to address; breaking the depletion of the oasis and its habitat, combating desertification, evolving labor skills, and improving livelihood opportunities.

Runner Up: Wa.heSanctuary

By: Fady Francis, Ali Sabri, Mariam Omara & Ali Sabry

Description: The aim is to achieve camouflage, while maintaining a dynamic presence of the architecture being merged with the landforms around it, the building urges the habitant to live with absolute connection with the scenery. A notion for all individuals to reconnect with the scenery. A notion for all individuals to reconnect with nature in its purest form, thus establishing a transcendent connection with oneself once again.

Honorable Mention: MILIEU

By: Daria Uss & Weronika Gielo

Description: The concept of the project was to design a building that would make full use of local culture and local ecological raw materials. The main idea was to create a visually and materially fascinating building that would fit into the surrounding landscape, stand out, but would not overshadow it.

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