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Tip, the first active distributed mobile pool defi project in the whole network, ushered in a 10000 fold ecological explosion

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Tip, the first active distributed mobile pool defi project in the whole network, ushered in a 10000 fold ecological explosion

January 25
21:00 2022


Tip hopes to make people realize the long-term significance of decentralized consensus, realize the value of privacy and freedom, and promote the progress of human civilization by connecting the power of life. Tip’s unique contract address: 0xc0f5eab9909e78b7391539fa43e9688dd0b9e31. Meanwhile, pancakeswap liquidity transaction will be opened at 21:45 on January 25.


With the development of blockchain, defi (decentralized Finance) came into being. At present, defi is mainly active in Ethereum network and wave field network. After two or three years of exploration and development, it has derived a variety of financial innovation methods, such as stable currency, lending platform, derivatives, forecast market, insurance, payment platform and so on.

If the emergence of bitcoin enables people to realize the freedom of asset storage, then the emergence of defi enables people to realize the freedom of asset trading. Defi’s unique mobile pool AMM trading method allows everyone to trade digital assets in their wallet anytime, anywhere.

Flow pool is the core of every defi project. The ability to aggregate liquidity determines the value of the project itself, and the breadth of liquidity source distribution determines the stability of the project. Therefore, a good defi project flow pool must have two characteristics: large capital volume and distributed provision.

Tip is developed by a group of foreign technology geeks. As a community governance token, the total number is only 1000 trillion. The code interface is completely closed and will never be issued. There is no pre excavation, no private placement, no investors, only defi. All mining output has been fully circulated at present. Tip has achieved community autonomy. Developers do not have a coin in their hands, and the flow pool is completely added by every coin holder in the community. And tip has long ranked first in trading volume on pancakeswap, one of the two decentralized exchanges in the world. In order to give tip greater application value, the community will combine more excellent developers to develop tip ecology. Open 10000 times ecological explosion!

Tip community is initiated by a group of blockchain believers with high consensus. Its members are all over the world, including senior leaders who have long been rich and free in the blockchain industry, a group of technical experts who have a thorough study of defi, and a large group of believers who are firmly optimistic about blockchain. With the purpose of firmly building a real decentralized project, Pangu community holds Tencent meetings every day to popularize the relevant knowledge of defi for blockchain lovers of the whole network without interruption. The community is also gradually realizing another feature of blockchain: Dao autonomy. All proposals are voted by community representatives.

All members of tip community have become a clear stream in the field of defi by firmly building a pure consensus and using defi to achieve common prosperity. I believe that more ecology will be integrated into tip ecology in the future. Each ecological token will be mined and produced through tip liquidity. The value of tip is immeasurable and will become a 10000 fold ecological incubation base.

Throughout history, the closer a technology is to the underlying system, the more landing applications it can carry, and the more prosperous the ecology will be. Tip brings not only a new cryptocurrency, but also a new blockchain product; What it brings is a completely decentralized financial network, a truly subversive business practice, and the reshaping of the Internet. It leads mankind to the door of freedom. It is an immortal idea and indestructible idea. Relying on unparalleled financial logic, it is different from any cryptocurrency we have seen. It will become a truly decentralized global currency and bring real wealth and freedom to the world.

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