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Sleep, Baby Sleep® How One Mother’s Journey to Help Her Baby Sleep Inspired a Global Movement

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Sleep, Baby Sleep® How One Mother’s Journey to Help Her Baby Sleep Inspired a Global Movement

May 10
22:25 2022

Violet Giannone’s customized sleep plans and one-on-one consultation services are helping babies sleep through the night and giving mothers rest, sanity, and peace of mind

Every new parent knows the struggle; tip-toeing around a newborn baby who finally got to sleep after weeks of restless nights, just to hear that heart-wrenching cry. The gift of a child is unlike anything this world has to offer, but that does not mean that it does not come with its fair share of challenges that push parents to the edge of insanity. While many old-school methods tell one to simply let them “cry it out”, one passionate nurse, mother, and pediatric sleep expert is on a mission to help babies sleep soundly and give parents the rest they need and deserve.

Violet Giannone, Founder of Sleep, Baby, Sleep® is changing the face of modern parenting to breathe new life into sleep training with empathy, compassion, and science-based training methods. When Violet’s precious daughter Brianna was born, she found herself in the same position as many new parents — at her wit’s end, desperate to find a solution to help Brianna sleep.

Leveraging her 15 years of experience in the medical field, Violet was determined to find a more empathetic solution to sleep training than the “cry it out” method, which is both practical and sustainable. After countless hours of research and testing, she finally found a method that had Brianna sleeping through the night, and thus, Sleep, Baby, Sleep® was born. Blogging her progress along the way, Violet found that thousands of women from all over the world were having success through her proprietary method, and Violet’s passion quickly turned into her purpose.

Now, Sleep, Baby, Sleep® offers customized sleep plans and one-on-one consultation services with Violet to help babies sleep through the night and give restless parents peace of mind. Since its founding, Sleep, Baby, Sleep® has evolved into an international community of like-minded parents, dedicated to helping one another thrive and navigate the ups and downs of parenthood.

“This is not a cry it out method at all! I was so hesitant to try sleep training because I was nervous my son would think I wouldn’t be there for him and was abandoning him. Violet’s method is effective, but gentle sleep training. You will not leave them to cry it out by themselves in their crib. You will learn gentle techniques to help soothe your baby while teaching them to fall asleep on their own.” – Kelsey, Customer Testimonial

Through proof of concept, dedication to community, and unwavering commitment to helping parents during this precious time of life, Violet Giannone’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with Sleep, Baby, Sleep®.

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About Sleep, Baby, Sleep®

Sleep, Baby, Sleep® is a purpose-driven sleep plan and consulting service created by Violet Giannone. Violet is a mother, author, entrepreneur, pediatric sleep expert, and registered nurse with over 15 years of experience in the medical field. Sleep, Baby, Sleep® began as a blog when Violet began seeking sleep training methods for her restless infant Brianna. Eager to find an alternative solution to the “cry it out” method, Violet spent countless hours researching and developing her proprietary method which has helped thousands of tired mothers find rest and sanity across the world.



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