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Founders’ Book is the DIY startup accelerator entrepreneurs need to launch their businesses

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Founders’ Book is the DIY startup accelerator entrepreneurs need to launch their businesses

July 26
01:48 2022
Founders’ Book is the online platform first-time founders and early-stage startups use to turn their big ideas into profitable and scalable businesses.

Founders’ Book is an all-encompassing web platform helping founders, entrepreneurs, and startups simplify the process of launching and building a successful company. The platform’s tools, resources, and templates give first-time founders a playbook for turning their big idea into a scalable startup.

Early-stage startup teams and first-time solopreneurs spend over 250 hours researching the tools and resources needed to launch and grow their businesses. Founders’ Book was created to fill this gap with a carefully curated and vetted suite of products, worksheets, guides, and templates to get a product or service to market quickly and efficiently.

Thirty percent of startups will fail within their first year, and 70 percent will struggle between years two and five to achieve product-market fit and scalability. However, those who have successfully founded a previous business have a 30 percent chance of succeeding with their new venture, making it essential for first-time founders to gain the right knowledge and skills to build a startup ground up

“First-time founders are the most ambitious problem finders, solution creators, venture builders, risk managers, forward thinkers, and job doers,” Founders’ Book creator Goutham Bandaru said. “They carry the highest potential of building innovative solutions, creating categories that didn’t exist a decade ago, All they need is a leg up and a support system.”


Simplify the startup process

The startup resources in Founders’ Book make it an introduction to entrepreneurship, learn how to ideate, plan, build and launch their company. For example, the platform contains over 2,000 how-to articles and guides that can give first-time founders a head-start in the current market. There are over 50 industry-proven templates, worksheets, and canvases covering everything from ideation and brainstorming to customer discovery and pitching. 

In addition, go-to-market plans and pitch deck templates are included to simplify daunting tasks. Finally, a rich business modelling and financials section helps founders/startups choose the right business model, project cash flow and growth rates, calculate customer acquisition costs, and more.

Founders’ Book all comes with a series of tiny guides to walk founders through challenges they’ll face, including:

–  The 30-Day Startup Playbook- The First 90 Days at Your Startup
–  Startup Fundraising Resources
–  No-Code Cheatsheet  and Tool Landscape
–  Building scalable MVP’s, setting launch and growth paths

“Founders’ Book is the tool with all curated resources, templates, best practices, examples, and everything in-between I wish I had when I first started my entrepreneurial journey,” he said. 

For founders and early-stage startups needing additional help, Bandaru built Startup OS, a Notion-based operating system that consolidates startup tools and Notion templates into one workspace. In addition, startup OS can automate processes and integrates with more than 2,000 SaaS platforms using Zapier or

Founders’ Book’s users can also get up to $500,000 in startup credits from 200+ SaaS platforms. By initially spending less on SaaS subscriptions, startups will be able to reduce SaaS spend in their earliest days and scale their businesses by investing the money on product, marketing or growth.


Founders’ Book has helped hundreds of first-time founders and early-stage startups develop fail-proof plans to turn their big ideas into profitable businesses. By educating next-generation entrepreneurs on the latest DIY tools and techniques and utilizing tiny guides to turn complex concepts into actionable insights, Founders’ Book helps its users build confidence, bridge the learning gap, save time and money.

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