Genesis Business Group, the first peer leading financial technology company that upgraded to MT5.

Genesis Business Group’s Gold Tinkle Project, the first MT5 copy trade system that brings you extraordinary investment.

Genesis Business Group is the professional copy trade platform and software provider, and the first financial technology company that upgrades to MT5. The Gold Tinkle new advanced technology has made us the leader among the peers. We drive the trend of copy trading, and help our customers to build a remarkable investment!

Our vision is to establish the largest Asia’s copy trade community. By inviting more sophisticated traders to this project in the near future, our customers will be able to appoint the best trader for himself. Our investment philosophy not only encourage customers to manage the investment risks by allocate their assets to different traders, we also provide successful strategies in advance, and leads our customers to beat the market!

Genesis Business Group’s 3 advantages

1. We submit all orders to the international market, and the records are trackable at any time.
2. We provide 40 months of trader’s transaction records with steady and consistent profitability.
3. We have upgraded to MT5, absolutely true and reliable platform.

The effects of Genesis Business Group’s MT5 upgrade

Our current customers has exceeded 10,000 people, and it’s growing rapidly every day. The MT4 technology has outdated and its technology development has been stopped, so it was unable to meet the requirement and support the rapid growth of our customer volume. We are well-prepared for the growing, and the latest MT5 technology allows 1 million people to be online at the same time. Moreover, it connects better to the liquidity provider and submits the orders more efficiently and cost-effectively to the international market.

According to Gold Tinkle, although a large number of customers are used to the MT4 platform, it is more advantageous for investment companies and investors to use MT5. Since MT4 no longer develops new features and enhances its functions, it will gradually be eliminated and wholly replaced by MT5.

MT5 is featured to support higher traffic with millions of people online. Its fairness, transparency, and inability to tamper features make it recognized as the most difficult platform to be fraud, and this is where the manipulation of fake brokers can’t happen. The upgrade of Genesis Business Group has proven the platform authenticity, and it clearly distinguished from the fake broker.

The upgrade of MT5 not only spurred the continuous growth of Genesis Business Group but also brought strategic upgrade effects.

We build extraordinary investments in achieving the pinnacle of life

Throughout the global financial technology situation, MT5’s trending is unstoppable. Genesis Business Group is standing in a very prominent position and has become the leader in the industry. We believe that a steady investment is the Holy Grail to real profiteering, just like our slogan: We build extraordinary investment, achieve the pinnacle of life. Our fully upgraded Gold Tinkle gotten the eyes of global financial technology investors, leading the investors to continue to build successful investment and achieve the greater result!

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